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  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

  • Category 2 ride led by Nathan Brede

    Three members rode 62.5 miles, averaging 17.2 mph, and climbing 2700 feet. The team rode in sub zero conditions including freezing fog and there was plenty of ice around, but overall rode really well. No major problems, so thanks to the category 2 team for a really enjoyable ride.

  • 25 Nov 19

    At our recent AGM Gareth gave a presentation of the Wheelers' racing activities in the 2019 season. You can view it here.

  • Category 6 ride led by Mike East

    Enjoy a hearty breakfast, put the Archers omnibus on the radio, get out your biggest bowls and you are ready for Stir Up Sunday. A few hours later you have embryonic Christmas pud or cake or both. You can then settle down for an early viewing of It’s A Wonderful Life. Festive season started. Or you can get your bike togs on and log a few miles on a dank November day.

  • 20 Nov 19

    We held our Annual General Meeting at Allenburys last Sunday. Marcia produced an excellent presentation showing the highlights of the club's year. You can view it here.

  • Category 3 ride led by Tony Howard

  • The date for the 2020 running of the annual Herts Wheelers Open 10 mile time trial has been confirmed for 20th June 2020. Put the date in your diary - this is a popular event on a fast course!

  • Category 2 ride led by Nathan Brede

    The ride went out to Jordan’s Mill, Langford. The team all enjoyed the ride and the route, covering 67 miles, 
    approximately 3000 ft of climbing at an average speed 17.5 mph. 

    The team comprised 6 regulars, a returner and a guest. There were no mechanicals on a great ride.

    Category 6 ride led by Mike East

  • Category 3 ride led by Tony Howard

  • Category 2 ride led by Nathan Brede

    One rider crashed en route to Danish Camp and the ride was curtailed. There was also a puncture and a mechanical.

    The other five riders accompanied the injured member back to base after some medical attention. 42.6 miles covered at an average mph of 17.

    The injured rider is expected to recover in full, and thanks his colleagues for their help and support.

  • Category 2 ride led by Nathan Brede

    Category 2 rode out into Essex, then finished in Hertfordshire. Good testing route and road surfaces.

    Five riders covered 65.2 miles, averaging 17.8 mph with 3100 ft of climbing .

    The team rode well together and generated great banter on a cold day, windy day. Overall everyone enjoyed the ride.

    Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

  • Category 5 & 6 ride led by Danny Hood

  • 13 Oct 19

    After last weeks postponement in the face of a dire (and mostly inaccurate) weather forecast the Wheelers' hill climbers re-convened at Digswell. The weather was not very encouraging but, fortunately, there was next to no rain during the event. Gareth put everyone else in the shade with a time that bettered his 2017 effort by 2 seconds and equaling Karl Willis's 2014 time on the same course. Next came Barry, who had only come to spectate, but produced a very creditable time on his utility bike.

  • Category 6 ride not led by Danny Hood

  • Category 3 ride led by Paul Henderson 

  • Herts. Wheelers' AGM - 8:00 pm, Sun 17th November.

  • Peter Walton completes the 1200 km ride in 85h 27m 47s.

  • 04\08\21 - Whitewebbs (F20/10).  GarethW (21.02), PeterW (27.59)

    12\05\21 - Whitewebbs (F6A).  GraemeH (25:29), PeterW (27:27)

    07\08\19 - Whitewebbs (F20/10).  PeterW (25:03)

    06\08\19 - Welwyn (F6A).  PeterW (25:53)

    18\07\19 - Cambridge CC (F2/10).  LeeM (23:42), PeterW (23:42)

    02\07\19 - North Road (Brickendon).  PeterW (25:51)

    27\06\19 - Cambridge CC (F2/10).  GarethW (21:03), LeeM (23:49)

    26\06\19 - Whitewebbs (F20/25).  GarethW (57:16), LeeM (1:04:42), PeterW (1:07:21), BriW (1:30:52)

  • New records for 100 miles and 12 hours.

  • Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood