1st Brickendon TT

1st Brickendon TT

F7/10 (Brickendon)

10 May 22


Lisa Ridoutt
Lisa Ridoutt


Elio Domenicano
Elio Domenicano


Enzo Misuraca
Enzo Misuraca

The first Wheelers' league event on the Brickendon course saw a fine turnout of 9 Wheelers, 3 new to time-trialling and all unfamiliar with the course. Some results reflected less on riding prowess than on navigation skills - several managed to get lost on this 9 mile course and must now add map reading practice to their training regimes.

Congratulations to Emily who led us all home. Commiserations to Enzo and Phil who suffered chain and navigation failures respectively.

Many thanks to all at the North Road CC for organising the event and welcoming us to it.


Posn. Rider Time
1 Emily Chilton 24:39
2 Sam Ball 26:39
3 Graeme Hill 27:25
4 Elio Domenicano 30:22
5 Graham Knight 30:30
6 Peter Walton 30:44
7 Enzo Misuraca 31:33
8 Lisa Ridoutt 31:37
  Phil Smith DNF