Club runs archive 2012-13

Oct 27th - windy

End of Season

final table 

Name Score
Danny Hood 88
Peter Walton 78
Karl Willis 77
Mike East 72
Bob Brown 70
Graham Knight 68
Franco Fiorentini 67
Jane Pike, Kevin Paget 66
Phil Taylor 62
Barry Page, Chris Wells 60
Alex Powell 59
John Farnham 56
Steve McCollum 54
John Mac 50
Amanda Swain, Bruno Cartwright, Paul Wrettom 48
Ian Smith 47
Alan Clark, Cathy Parker 46
John Highet, Lee Mason 42
Valdis Belinis 40
Ian Penson 38
Paul Ryman, Richard Henderson 36
Brian Hill 27
Emma Hindmarch 26
Brian Evans 25
Rikki Heath 23
James Hardcastle 21
Daniel Horn, Mark Tappenden, Matt O'Conner, Tony Rose 20
Alan Davis, Khan Busby 18
Dean Park, Martin Nash, Nikki King, Sarah Wren 16
Spencer Stratford 15
Darren Skidmore, Lee Anderson, Paul Lawes 14
Mark Beattie 13
Angela Dobson, Darren Webb, Jason Thorpe, Leslie Rose, Paul Dilley, Paul Harding, Richard Clark, Richard Furniss, Simon Costello, Steve Whipp, Tim Dobson 12
Hugh B, James Jewiss, John Pearson 10
Dave Scales 9
Brian Cutmore, Chris Bann, John Ritsema, Miles Lakin, Paul Laurie, Tony Marriott 8
Nick Cramer, Steve Watson 7
Charlotte Chapman, Dave Hutchinson, Graeme Hill, Sarah Buchanan, Will Dakin 6
Paul Fennell 5
Dan Chowsinsky, Frank Castellano, Helen Martin, John shirley, Karen Baker, Lorne Read, Mike Jewiss 4
Caroline O, David Harman, Ian King, Josh Tongue, Mark Rider, Terry Hersant, Tim Male 2

Wednesday league 2013

Name Score
Paul Harding ** 15
Phil Taylor 14
Dean Park 13
Steve McCollum 12
Lee Anderson, Mike East 10
John Highet, Kevin Paget, Peter Walton, Richard Henderson 9
Danny Hood, Karl Willis 8
David Daniels 7
Bruno Cartwright 6
Franco Fiorentini, James Jewis, Paul Lawes, Richard Furness 5
Brian Hill, Dave Hutchinson, John Farnham, Rikki Heath 4
Barry Page, Emma H, Jane Pike, Paul O'Reilly, Valdis Belinis 3
Alan Davis, Eve Vigus, Jason Thorpe, John Mac, Lee Mason, Mike ?, Mike Jewis, Simon Robinson, Spencer Stafford 2
Alan Clarke, Andy ?, Daniel Horn, Dave Scales, Graham Knight, Mark Tappenden, Paul Dilley, Richard Clark, Tom Coburn, Tony Marriott 1

** not actually a member for half of the season so actual score is 5  Oct 27th

  • Fast : none
  • Medium: Ian P, Barry, John M, Paul L, Alan D, Chris B, Ian S
  • Easy: Jane P, Danny Hood, Danny Horn, Franco, Bruno, Alan C, John H, Chris W, Dean P, Lee M, Kevin P, Darren W, Bob B with Guest Dominic

Oct 20th

  • Fast:none
  • Med: Alex, Brian C, John M, Tony R, Richard H, Lee A and Paul L
  • Easy: Bob, Emma, Peter, Karl, Darren W, Phil and guest - Martin Buckle

 Oct 13th 

  • Fast: none
  • Medium: Peter and Emma (post hill climb)
  • Easy: Danny H, Alan, and all the Lee's (A&M)

 Oct 6th 

  • Fast: no takers
  • Medium: Peter, Alex, Dave S, Steve, Darren W (after the last TT of the season)
  • Easy: Danny H, Emma H, Alan C, Daniel H, Paul R, Phil T, Franco F, Steve W, Paul W, Valdis B, Bruno C, Jane P, Amanda W, Graham K, Brian C, Darren S, Matt O, Mike E, Guests: Robert, Tom, James

   Sep 29th

  • Post race ride: Alex, John F, Peter, Darren Webb
  • NO other rides

Sep 22nd

  • Fast: karl
  • Medium: Steve, Richard H, John M, Tony R, Brian C, Barry, John S, Alan C, Alex, Paul L, Graham K (part way), with Chris B :  maybe I'm missing one as well
  • Easy: Bob B, Lesley, Bruno, Chris, Danny H, Peter, Franco, Ian S.  Guests Daniel C, James O'S, Amber and Darren 

Sep 15th

  • Fast: Karl
  • Medium: John F, Ian P, John M, Alan C, John S (?), guest Chris B
  • Easy: Bruno C, Alex, Mike E, Darren W, Dan C, Dan H, Tony R, Ian S, Paul L,  Alan D, Jane P, Bob, Emma H, Mark T, Paul R, Danny H, Lee M, Brian C, Dean P

sep 8th

  • Fast - no ride
  • Medium: Peter, Alex, Graham, Barry and Chris (guest).  JP and Dave S started but turned home early
  • Easy 50: Bob B, Sarah B, Emma H, Cathy P, Jane P, Bruno C, Alan C, John F, Richard F, James H, Danny H, Paul R, Ian S, Phil T plus Guests: James O'Shea, Daniel C, Martin and Phil's guest (in Rochford Shorter kit, forgot his name!)

Sep 1st

  • Fast: Karl and James J
  • Medium: Alex, John M, Graham, Brian H, Tony R, Alan D, Richard F plus guest Mark Y
  • Easy: Bob B, Richard H, Ian S, Daniel H, Sarah B, Mark T, Franco F, Danny H, Lee M, Paul W, Amanda S, Paul R, Bruno C, Phil T, Dean P, Alan C, Mike E plus guests Lesley and Chris

Aug 25th

  • Fast - one rider but I don't know who
  • Medium: Barry, Graham K, Cathy, Franco, Peter W, John Mack, Tony Rose & John F, plus guest Mike Archer.
  • Easy: Bob B, Jane, Amanda "Pocket Rocket" S, Paul W, Paul R, Mike E, Danny H, Alan C, Lee M

Aug 18th

  • Fast Tony, Karl, Spencer, Mark, Steve, Paul H
  • Medium: Alex, John M, Richard F, Barry, Graham K and John Shirley (? is this right)
  • Easy: Lee M, Paul W, Amanda S, Phil T, Darren S, Franco F, Jane P, Bruno C, Emma H, Bob Brown, Chris W, Alan C, Nikki K, Paul D, Daniel H, Danny H, Matt O, Cathy P, Mike E and Martin - first time on a road bike and 50 miles achieved! Hope you come back.

Aug 11th

  • Karl and someone else (please tell me)
  • Medium: Ian P, Ian S, John Mack, Cathy, Peter W, Barry, Graham K, Graeme H, Lee A, Alan C, Phil T, Alan D, Paul L, Richard F, Matt O'C, Darren S, John F.
  • Easy:  Cap'n Bob, Danny top of the league Hood, Danny Horn, Chris, Bruno, Franco, Jane, Paul R, Khan and Lesley R

Aug 4th

  • Fast: lots of riders doing Ride London
  • Medium: Ian S, Tony R, Alan D, John M + guests Peter A and John S
  • Easy: Capn Bob, Amanda S, Paul W, Danny H, Phil  T, Franco, Bruno, Barry, Alan C, Leslie R, Lee M, Peter W


    Kudos to Peter after doing London Edinburgh London still came out on an easy ride

July 28th

  • Fast: Karl
  • Medium: Valdis, Graham, John M, Ian S, Steve Mc, Richard H, MIke J, Alex, Kevin and Lee A (who both did 40 before hand)
  • Easy: Capn Bob, Amanda S, Mike E, Steve W, Paul W, Paul R, Danny H, Phil  T, 

    Franco, Bruno, Dean P


    Kudos to Peter doing London Edinburgh London this week, and to Richard Clark who completed his ironman on Saturday.  He rode his 100 miles in 5:29 after a swim in the sea for a couple of miles and before a marathon !

July 21st  

  • Fast: Richard H (2 laps), Paul H
  • Med:  Kevin, Cathy, Alan D, John F, John M, Paul Lawes, Brian E, Valdis, Emma H, Ian S & Barry
  • Easy: Bob B, Lee M, Charlotte C, Peter W, Lee A, Jason T, Paul W, Amanda S, Paul R, Chris W, Danny H, Steve W, Mike E.  John P met us at the cafe and rode with us part of the way back.  Guest:  Caroline O - first ride, off to Oz for 5 weeks, but will be back!

Honorable mentions to Karl, Rikki, Spencer, Mark B and James J for doing the audax 100 mile route also in preparation for the Ride London 100 (but it wasn't an official club call me a jobsworth but no points.) July 14th

  • Fast: no riders that I am aware of
  • Medium: Peter, Bob, Barry and Tony R
  • Slow:  Danny H, Phil T, Jane P, Franco F, Kevin P ( after doing 40 miles on his own earlier), Alan D, Bruno C, Paul L, Alan C, James H, Chris W, Lee M, plus two new guests: Leslie (did come and try last sunday), Nathan ( friend of James H doing Charity ride with him)

July 7th

  • Fast:  Karl, Richard C and Richard H 
  • Medium:  Cathy, Ian S, Barry, John H, John F. Guests -  Alan, Tony & Mike
  • Slow: Paul W, Amanda S, James H, Bob Br, Franco F, Graham K, Marie O'S, Chris W, Alan C, Phil T, Emma H, Peter W, Danny H, Mike E, Paul L, Charlotte C
  • Come and Try: John P with Maria P and Lesley R

June 30th

  • Fast: (early flyer) Richard C, Spencer, Karl, and Rikki
  • medium:  Peter W, Cathy, Kevin, Mark T, Graham K, Alex, John H, Ian S, Lee A, Steve McC, Barry, John R, John F  plus 2 guests Tony and Richard
  • Easy: Bob B, Paul W, Amanda S, Frank, Dave (assumed Dave H), Danny Hood, Franco, Alan C, Mike E, Valdis “Globetrotter”, Chris W, Bruno C, Danny Horn, James H, New Members: Paul L and Charlotte C.  Plus Paul H who was looking for the other fast riders


  • Fast: Steve
  • Medium: Graham, Kevin P, Ian S, Ian P, Barry P, John H, Richard F (guest I think though possible future member) and Tony E
  • Easy: Bruno C, Chris W, Bob B, Paul W, Amanda S, Lee M, Paul R, Danny H, Daniel H, Jane P, Dave H, Phil T, Mike E, Guests: Charlotte & Paul - first time out, Paul O'R and Andy D - back for more

June 16th

  • Fast: James, Karl and Spencer (19.9 mph !!), Richard H (16.6), John H (new Velo back on the road), Paul H and Peter 
  • Medium:  Graham K, Steve McC, Kevin, Darren S, Matt O'C, Dean, Cathy, Alex, Brian H, John F  plus guest Richard from Enfield.
  • Easy: Bob, Jane, Bruno, Alan, Mike, Franco, Danny H, Paul R, Chris

June 9th Club Audax no club runs


June 2nd Sunny and warm

  • Fast:  Karl, Steve, Ian P and Richard H
  • Medium:  Cathy Jane and John F
  • Audax 160 ride: Mark B, Graham, Ian S, Peter, Alex, John R, Kevin, Darren, Matt O'C
  • Slow: Mark T, Lee A, Daniel Horn, Bob B, Chris W, Danny Hood, Alan C, Mike E, Dean P, Paul W, Amanda S, Phil T, Emma H, Dave H, Guests: Alan, Paul, Adrian, Gary, Andy 

   May 27th (bank hol) Club Off Road Ride

  • Cathy, Khan, Barry, John F

May 26th

  • Fast:  Karl, Graham, Steve, Kevin, John (M?)
  • Medium:  Alex, BArry, Ian S
  • Slow: Bob B, Jane, Amanda S, Paul W, Alan C, Dean P, Danny H, Franco F, John H, Phil T  Guests: Barry & Lee (we lost him along the way, went back to look, couldn't find you - hope you are ok and do come again).  Tim & Angela appeared at Ardeley as did Peter

may 19th

  • Fast: Steve, Mark B, Karl, Paul H, Barry
  • Medium: Alex and Graham
  • Slow:  Jane P, Hugh B, Phil T, Franco F, Daniel Horn, Peter W, Alan Clark, Ian S, Martin N, Danny Hood, Paul R, John H, Kevin P, Mike E,  Guest: Emma H
    plus Simon C and his brother missed the tea shop but went to the pub instead (two pints of lager and a packet of crisps please - pop quiz: name the group)

 May 12th

  • Fast:  Karl, Rikki, Richard C, Spencer
  • Medium:  Angela, Tim, Franco, Graeme, Kevin, Cathy, Sarah and Josh
  • Slow: Bob, Mike, Chris, Danny H, Graeme H, John H, Paul R, James H, Phil T,  

    Guests: Dave S, Emma, Dean and Alan

May 5th - lovely spring morning

  • Fast: Karl 
  • Medium: Ian S, Ian P, Sarah W, Jane, Cathy, Kevin, Bruno, Martin N, Peter W, Steve McC, Barry, John Mack, Graeme H, Graham K, Steve Watson, John R, Simon, Valdis, Khan & John F
  • Slow:  Bob B, Chris W, Mike E, Danny H, Lee, Amanda S, Paul W, Franco, Will and Alan

April 28th Windy

  • Fast: Karl - anyone else?
  • Medium: Peter, Jason, Steve McC, Alex, Bruno, Mark T, Jane, Cathy, Ian S, Kevin & John F
  • Slow:  Chris W, Mike E, Phil T, Danny Hood, Valdis, John H, Amanda S, Paul W, Paul R, Dave H, Emma, Alan

Graham also rode out to Thaxted and then went back home

April 21st Spring

  • Fast: Karl (anyone else?)
  • Medium: Ian S, Paul H, Valdis, Kevin, Peter, Steve McC, Richard H, Graham, Barry, John M, Martin N, Darren, Matt, John H, Mark B
  • Easy: Chris W, Cathy P, Franco F, Jane P, Mike E, Bruno C, Simon C, Danny H, Brian H, Lee M, Guests: Alan and Lorna

April 14th Windy

  • Fast: Karl, Spencer, Mark B, Brian H
  • Medium: Steve McC, Barry, Graham, Jason, Mike J, Steve W, Kevin, Peter, Richard H, Cathy, Sarah, Matt O'C, John M, Ian S, Valdis, Darren S, Alan D
  • Slow: Bob, Karen B, Jane P, Amanda S, Emma H (guest), Hugh B, Bruno, Mike E, Franco F, Frank C, James H, John H, Danny H, Martin N, Paul R, Phil T, Chris W, Paul W, Dave (Guest) and Alan C (Guest).

April 7th Sunny, cool (but tropical compared to the rest of the spring)

  • Fast: Rikki and David H
  • Medium: John F, Cathy, Barry, Tim, Angela, James J plus guest Emma
  • Easy: Amanda S, Paul W, Phil T, Paul R, Danny H, John H, Ian S, Franco F, Lee M, Martin N, Hugh B, Karl W, Mark T, Chris W, Mike E, plus prospective new members Dave, Frank & Lee A
  • Come and try it: Jon P, Mark R, Ian S (again), Emma and Alan

Plus a good turnout on the Stevenage Audax: Peter, John M, Kahn, Mark B (his longest ride to date), Steve, Richard H, Kevin, Dave S and to top it all Tony and Brian raced a north road 2 up TT

March 31st:  another cold sunday, easterly wind. 

  • Fast:  Steve W, Karl, Rikki, James 
  • Medium:  Graham, Matt O'C, Kahn, John M, Richard H, Steve McC, Peter, Barry
  • Slow:  Jane, Nikki, Amanda, Karen, Bob, Danny H, Mike, Paul D, Paul W, Paul R, Chris, Franco, Valdis plus guests Dave and Frank 

March 24th

  • all rides cancelled owing to snow and ice

March 17th Started out ok, but ended up wet

  • Fast:  Brian E, Rikki, Richard C, Ian P
  • Medium: Alex, Barry, Stephen McC, Graham, Peter, Brian H, Richard H, John Mac, Kevim and guest Emma Boynes.  Dave Scales left near Buntingford, one of Matt O'Conner and Darren (new member?) punctured in Much Hadham and suggested the group ride on.  They rode to Royston but missed the group in the cafe.
  • Slow:  Franco, Chris, Mike, Bob, Phil T and Danny H (the home guard - by all accounts)


March 10th Sleet and snow, very cold

  • Fast: no ride
  • Medium:  Alex, Brian H, John F, Kevin, Simon and Steve
  • Slow:  Bob, Jane, Cathy, Mike, Peter, Danny H, Lee, Phil T, Karl

March 3rd  Cold but dry

  • Fast at Redbridge: Nick, Brian, Spencer, Mark B, Rikki, Valdis, Karl, more names tbc   plus Graham, Richard, Richard C, Steve McC, Jason rode there and back with Steve and Anne Costello as photographers
  • Medium: Barry, Peter W, Mike J, Ian King, Dave Scales, Matt O'Conner, Tim male, John Mac , Ian P with Alex and Ian Smith met us at wandon end ,
  • Slow: Bob Brown, Amanda S, Paul W, Kevin P, Paul R, Steve W, Phil T, Danny H, Franco F, Chris W, Mike E plus Lorne

Feb 24th Really cold, with occasional flakes of snow

  • Fast: no ride
  • Medium: Alex, Richard H, Peter, Valdis, John H, Steve McC, Kahn, Terry H, Franco, Kevin, John Mac, and a Dave (which one tbc)
  • Slow: Bob Brown (leader), Jane Pike, Amanda Swain, Paul Wrettom, John Farnham, Mike East, Phil Taylor, Danny Hood, Brian Evans, Chris Wells, Karl Willis, Paul Ryman

Feb 17th crisp and dry (some ice near Much Hadham)

  • Fast:  Karl, Nick, RIchard H, Ian P and Mark B
  • Medium: Tim, Angela, John F, Ian S, Paul D, Nikki K, Graham K, Alex P, Franco, Peter W, John Mac, Kevin P
  • Easy:  Bob Brown, Jane P, Bruno C, John H, Phil T, Hugh B, Khan B, Chris W, Amanda S, Paul W, Steve W, Mike E plus Paul Ryman, Marie O'Sullivan & Jane Nicholls on their first or second rides

Feb 10th

  • Fast:  Karl, Rikki and Coach Cramer
  • Medium:  Peter, Alex, John F, Kevin and John Mac
  • Easy:  Bob, Mike, Franco, Bruno, Graham, Jane, Danny H, Lee M

Feb 3rd

  • Fast:  Ian P, Karl, Spencer, Mark Beattie, rikki, john h, Miles
  • medium: John F, Graham, Peter, Sarah, Kevin, Mark T, Plus Alex and Steve from the fast ride
  • Easy:  MIke E, Danny H, Jane, Bruno, Valdis (mechanicals), Phil T, CHris W, and Paul - first ride, come again

Sadly I don't get points for my Sunday turbo - one day I will get back on the road again.

Jan 27th

  • Fast:  Brian E, Miles, Ian P, Rikki, Karl and Chris W
  • Medium: John F, Graham, Tim & Angela, Alex and Sarah
  • Slow: Jane, Peter, Franco (1pt), Barry, Bob B, Phil T, Danny H, Lee, Hugh (guest) plus 5 other guests joining before Emily's after confusion at start

 20th Jan

  •  Road rides cancelled owing to snow
  •  Off Road:  Brian E, Brian H, Alex Paul F, Nikki and Paul D 

13th Jan

  • Fast (not black):  Brian E, Brian H, Mark Tapps, Tony M, Miles, Karl, plus guest appearances from Paul and Steve
  • Medium:  Ian P, Graham K, Peter W, Richard H, Valdis and Kevin
  • Slow: Lee Mason,Barry P, Mike E, Danny Hood, Phil T, Jane P, Simon C, Nikki, Franco plus guests Lyndsay and Hugh on the first ride

6th Jan

  • Fast: Brian Evans, Nick Cramer, Paul Fennell, Rikki Heath, Mark Tappenden, Kevin Paget, Miles Lakin, guest Spencer Stratford, richard clarke
  • Medium: Peter W, Graham K, Karl, Khan, Ian P, Cathy, Paul D, Nikki, Steve Mcc, John Ritsema, John F and  John H's banana suffered a suspension failure
  • Easy: Jane , Valdis. Simon C, Chris W, Danny H, Franco, Ian S, Phil Taylor, James H, Martin N, Paul W, Amanda and Barry

30th Dec

  • Fast: names tbc
  • Medium: Valdis, Brian H, Peter W, Nikki, Paul D, John F, Cathy, Kevin, James Jewiss, Kahn, Karl and Alex. Guest Rider - Johnny Mack. Barry did meet up with us at the cafe following an alarm clock malfunction
  • Easy: Franco F, Graham K, Danny H, Mark Beattie (not yet a member), Mike E, Bob Brown, Phil T, Chris W

23rd Dec

  • Fast: names tbc
  • Medium: Kevin, Barry, Valdis, Karl, Peter W, Cathy, Nikki, John H, Sarah W, Kahn Busby, John F and Alex - all 2 points. Guest rider Johnny Mack
  • Easy: Bob Brown,Danny Hood, Lee Mason, Mike East, Jane Pike, Graham Knight, Chris Wells

   16th Dec dry Fast:  Steve, Brian E, Kevin, Brian H + others tbc Med: Cathy, Peter W, Valdis, Graham K, Jason, Tim, Angela, Ian P, Karl, Barry & John F. Guest rider Johnny Mack Slow:Danny H, Jane p, Chris W, Phil T,  Paul w, Bob B, Amanda S Bruno (leader) all 2 points, + Mike E 1 

9th Dec Windy Fast: Brian H, Brian E, Rikki, Steve, John H, with special guest rider Alex jumping from medium to fast Medium: Graham K, Sarah W, Karl, Cathy, Alex (again), Ian P, Tim, Angela, John F.  Valdis had mechanical problems so left early Slow: Peter Walton, Kevin Paget, Jane Pike, Danny Hood, Franco Fiorentini, Will D and John Mac (New).  James H left early with punctures (1pt), Mike East left to lead a walk (1 pt)

2nd Dec very cold Fast:  no ride Medium: No ride Slow: Pre-Xmas dinner through the lanes: Bob, Kevin, Karl, Peter W, Steve Mc, Franco, Mike E, John F, James H, Lee Mason, Valdis 25th Nov (windy but dry) Fast/slow:  SImon and Brian Medium: Graham , John H, Kevin P, Karl, Ian P and James Hardcastle. Slow: Peter Walton, Barry Page, Valdis Belinis, Chris Wells, Amanda Swain, Paul Wrettom, Phil Taylor, Lee Mason, Danny Hood, Mike East, Jane Pike, Jason Thorpe

18th Nov (Sunny) Fast:  Tony, Graham, Brian H, Alex, Peter, Rikki, Martin, Karl, Kevin, Steve, Helen, Richard H, John H, Ian P, Barry Medium: Speed challenge - some confusion at Hertford Slow: Bruno, Amanda, Jane, Mike, Danny H, Phil, Franco, Valdis and Bob

11th Nov (sunny) Medium/Freewheel:  Mark T, Graham, Brian E and H, Richard, Peter, Martin, Karl, Ian P, Steve, Will, Alex, Barry and John P (organised it) Slow: John F, Valdis, Ian smith, Daniel Horn, Mike East, Jane, Cathy, Franco, Bruno, Steve Whipp, Kevin, Sarah Wren, Chris Wells, Danny Hood, Phil ?, Sarah Buchanan, Bob B and Helen Martin. There were also 4 or 5 guests mainly friends of Mike's from the Broxbourne Runners.

4th Nov (very Wet) Fast: Miles Medium: Peter, Karl and Graham (for a bit) Off Road: John F, Jane and Kevin Easy:  Bob, Mike, Lee Mason and James Hardcastle


Aug 28th

  • Fast: David D, Simon Robinson, Paul H
  • Easy: Peter, Alan C, Steve, Barry, Paul L, Brian H

Aug 21st

  • Fast: Tony, Richard C, Spencer, Paul H, David D
  • Easy: Steve, Brian H, Phil T, Lee A, Mike E, Daniel H, Paul L

Aug 14th

  • Fast: Lee A, David D, Steve, Kevin, Paul H
  • Easy: Phil T, Danny Hood, Franco, Paul L, Paul O, Richard F, Derek

Aug 7th

  • Fast: Karl, Paul H, Lee A, James J, Simon R (first time out), Jason T, John H, David D, Rikki H
  • Easy: Peter W, Danny H, Phil T, Kevin, Richard H, Alan D, Paul L

July 31st

  • Fast: Paul H, David D, James J, Brian H (was there another?)
  • Led:  kevin, Richard H, Steve, John M, Phil T, Mike, Graham, Dean P, Richard F plus a couple of guests

July 24th

  • Fast: Paul H, Kevin, David Daniels, Lee A, James J
  • Led: Paul D, Mike E, Danny H, Steve McC, Dean P, Emma H, Phil T, Lee M, Valdis, Peter W,  Paul O'Reilly, Paul Harding, John F.

July 17th

  • Fast: Rikki, Paul H
  • Led: Dean P, Phil T, Dave H, Danny H, Mike East, Franco, Alan, Tom Coburn, Barry, Valdis, Brian Hill, Peter, Steve McCollum, Emma, Pau and then an Andy (?) and another Mike (1st came out with us last week)

    Rikki, Paul on fast

JUly 10th

  • Unled fast:Karl, Rikki, JOhn H, Lee A, Paul and one other whose name I don't know (? Mike)
  • Led:  Steve, Richard H, Peter, Dean P, Kevin, Phil T, Emma

July 3rd

  • Unled Fast:  Karl, Kevin, Lee A, Dave S, Richard H, John H and Paul H
  • Led: John F, Danny H, Phil T, Mark T, Richard F, Dean P, Mike E, Peter W

June 26th (up Sacombe Hill)

  • unled:  James, Paul H, Lee A, John H
  • Led:  RIchard H, Steve, Kevin, Mike J, Peter, Bruno, Dean P, Phil T, Richard F, Brian H, Barry, David D, Dave H

June 19th

  • unled:  Karl, Mike and James J, John H and Paul H
  • Led: Danny H, Mike E, Lee A, Phil T, Dave H, Dean P, Eve V and guest(?) Richard F

June 5th

  • unled:  Karl, Paul H, Steve, Kevin, Lee A, Richard H, Rikki
  • Led:  John F, Lee M, Mike, Danny H, Jane, Bruno, Dean, Eve, plus 2 guests

May 29th

  • Unled: Jason, Paul H, Steve and Richard H
  • Led: Kevin, Bruno, John H, Franco, Dean Park

May 22nd

  • Led: Peter W, John H, Jane, Mike E, Danny H, Phil T, Franco, Lee A, John F plus guests Paul O'Reilly, Dave Hutchinson, Tom Coburn, Dean Park.
  • Unled: Karl, Steve, Richard and Paul H

May 15th

  •  Led ride: Dave S (guest), John H, Franco F, Phil T, Mike E, Bruno C,  Dean P
  • Unled: Peter W, Karl W

May 8th

  • Jane, Bruno, Mike E, Phil T, John H, Karl & John F, plus 2 guests - Dean P and Evelyn.