Membership FAQ

1. Do I have to become a member to come on club rides?

No, you can try a few rides first before deciding whether to join the club.

2. What distance and speed do members cycle on club rides?

A range of rides is offered each week. Details of the various speeds, distances and start locations can be found in the main club run page. The "medium-pace" and "easy-pace" rides have an experienced leaders who are identified on the ride schedule. The leader will ensure that the group keep together and that no one is left behind. If it is your first time out with the club, try to arrive early and introduce yourself to the ride leader.

3. How fit do I need to be?

At the very least you should have recently ridden at least 25 miles on a route which should have included some hills. Newcomers often overestimate their level of fitness and can sometimes find it difficult to keep up with the group. If in doubt try the easy-pace ride or a "Come and Try" ride first and work your way up to the faster rides.

4. If someone is unable to keep up with the group, do you wait for them to catch up?

The pace is generally that of the slowest rider. However, please refer to the above point on how fit you need to be. Before taking part, you should carefully assess which ride would be most appropriate for your level of fitness. Contact the Membership Secretary if you need further advice on which ride to join.

5. Do you stop for a refreshment break on the rides?

The medium-pace, easy-pace and medium-fast-pace rides always include a stop for a break about half way through each rides. There is no break on the fast rides. Participants on the off-road rides take sandwiches.

6. What sort of bike do I need?

A mountain bike if you intend to go on the off road rides. A road bike or a hybrid for the other rides.

7. What do I need to bring with me?

Puncture repair kit/spare inner tube. Pump. Cash for refreshment stop. More advice can be found on this page.

8. Is there a discussion group I can join to find out more about the Club?

There is a Facebook group you can join.

9. Do you have details of other cycling clubs in the area?

There are several other cycling clubs in Hertfordshire. Bishop’s Stortford Cycling Club Cycle Club Ashwell (North Herts) North Road Cycling Club (Hertford) Stevenage Cycling Club Stevenage & North Herts CTC South Hertfordshire CTC Verulam Cycling Club (St Albans) Watton Wheelers Welwyn Wheelers Cycling Club