Club runs archive 2013-14

Sunday League  - Chairman Pete wins the league with an outstanding 44 rides in 12 months.  Honourable mentions to all of the top 10 who did over 30 rides each in the year. Wednesday league - season is over:  PAUL LAWES topped the league. 
Name Score
Peter Walton 88
Bob Brown, Danny Hood 84
Mike East 81
Alex Powell, Ian Smith 74
Barry Page 70
Jane Pike 68
Graham Knight, Tony Rose 65
Bruno Cartwright, Franco Fiorentini 64
Martin Buckle 62
Lee Mason 60
Alan Clark, Wendy Mak 58
Darren Webb, Paul Ryman, Paul Wrettom 56
John Highet, Steve McCollum 55
Amanda Swain, Chris Wells 54
Phil Taylor 53
John Mac 52
Ian Penson, John Farnham, Karl Willis 50
Daniel Horn 48
Brian Hill 45
Emma Hindmarch 44
Cathy Parker, Dean Park 42
Paul Lawes, Paul Stewart 40
Richard Furniss 38
Alan Davis, Kevin Paget 36
Richard Henderson, Valdis Belinis 32
Chris Bann, Paul Harding, Phil Gill 30
Patrick Deary 26
Rikki Heath 24
Lee Anderson 23
Andrew Buckingham 22
Adrian Hughes, Sarah Buchanan, Simon Robinson, Spencer Stratford 20
Graeme Hill, Sarah Wren 19
John shirley, Steve Cartwright 18
Brian Cutmore, David Adams, David Daniels, Steve Buckle 16
Dave Scales 15
Martin Tuck, Martin Wheeler, Richard Clark 14
Christina Borg, Diana Celotto, Mark Sims, Neil Howson 12
Darren Livesey, Darren Skidmore, Paul Dilley 10
Brian Evans 9
Jason Thorpe, Roberta Henry, Tony Marriott 8
Liberato Rocco 7
James Jewiss, Mark Tappenden, Noam Ben Tsion, Penny Jones, Peter Bloomfield, Simon Lee, Tim Dobson 6
Eve Vigus, John Lucas, Khan Busby, Maryrose Brennan, Matt O'Conner, Nick Cramer, Steve Whipp, Vince Horey 4
Andrew Celotto, Angela Dobson, Angelo Davis, dean Taylor, Janine Wignall, John Pearson, Josh Tongue, Leslie Rose, Mark Chapman, Mark Chapman, Mike Jewiss, Nick Curtis, Peter Jones, Simon Costello, Will Dakin 2
David McNamara, Graham Teeson 1

Oct 26th

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast 2 riders tbc
  • Med: Barry, John M, JOhn H, Brian C, Brian H, ANdrew B and Tim T
  • Easy: Capt Bob (leader), Ian S, Danny H, Chris W, Bruno, Franco, Lee M, Paul R, Paul W, John F, Amanda S, Cathy, Wendy.  Guests: Helen, Karl, Steve, Lesley, Danny and Julie N

Oct 19th

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast: none
  • Med: Graham K, Peter W, Roberta, Andy B, John H, Peter B, Dean P, Adrian H, Richard F, Ian S, Tim T, David D, Barry P, Alex, Tony R, Leigh P, Liberato R, John M, Lee A, Alan D and Adam B & his friend who punctured then walked back
  • Easy: Sarah B, Simon L, Franco F, Wendy M, Lee M, Danny H, Paul R, Bruno C, Paul W, Amanda S, Steve B, Phil T, Mike E plus Guests Danny and Julie North - on first ride. Welcome.

Oct 12th

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast: paul S, david d, tony r, james j, adrian H, john h
  • Alex, Pete W, Barry, Leigh, Roberta, Ian P, Graeme, Chris B, Dean P, Richard F, Ian S + Tim T
  • Early easy; Cathy, Franco, Martin Tuck & John F
  • Late easy: Wendy, Lee M, Danny h, Bob, Martin B, Steve B, Peter B, Paul R, Jane, Bruno, Mike, Phil, Steve and Lesley (guests)

Oct 5th

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast: Richard H, Mike W, Steve McC, Rikki, David, Paul and Trystan
  • Med: Alex, Adrian, John H, Roberta, Tony R, Darren W, Leigh, Graham, Peter W, Dean P
  • Easy: Chris W, MIke E, Jane, Paul R, Simon L, Steve B, Wendy, Danny H and Phil the Power (for half a mile before mechanical failure)
  • Off road:  John F, Barry, Cathy, Emma, PAtrick  and Franco

Sep 28th : HW road race, no club runs Sep 21st Track day and more notably - return of Phil the Power !!!  Nice to see you again Phil

  • Fast: karl
  • Med/fast: none
  • Med:  Alex, Barry, Adrian, Ian P, Richard H, Richard F, Chris B, John M, Dean, Darren W and guest Grant.  John H started but went his own way.
  • Easy 1: Jane, Bruno, Wendy, Simon L, Patrick, Lee M, Mark S, Martin T, Ian S, Bob & John F
  • Easy 2: Peter B, Sarah B, Phil T, Christina B, Danny H, Daniel H, Paul R, Paul W, Amanda S Mike E


  • Fast: Spencer, Karl, Rikki post hill climb and Dean
  • Med/fast
  • Medium: lex, Roberta H, Paul L, Andy B, Chris B, Peter W, Barry P, Alan C, John H, Tony R.  Plus Darren W, Emma, Bob and Graham K who all did long rides after the hill climb
  • Easy: Wendy, Sarah B (?), Christina, Lee M, Mike, Martin B, Steve B, Danny, Dan, Martin W, Simon (?), Peter W, Ian S (?), Chris, Paul R, Valdis 

Sep 7th

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast: none
  • Med: Peter, Janine, Martin W, Tony R, Steve McC, Richard H, Vince, Daniel H, Darren W, Adrian H, Dave A
  • Easy: Group 1 Capt Bob, Jane, Wendy, Danny H, Lee M, Paul R, Ian S, Bruno and helen (guest)
  • Group B: Mike E, Dean P, Martin B, Steve B, Paul W, Martin T, Chris W, Mark S, and Peter (Guest)

Aug 31st

  • Fast: Karl, Spencer
  • Med/Fast: Brian H, Rocco, John H and Martin W
  • Med: Peter W, Ian S, Alan C, Andy B, Darren W, Vince, Brian C, Paul L, Paul S, Graham K, Pat D, Barry P, Alan D, Roberta H, Leigh P, Mike A
  • Easy group 1: Bruno, Mike E, Steve B, Christina, Daniel H, Eve, Franco, Martin T.  Guests Simon, Robyn, Janine
  • Easy Group 2: Bob, JOhn F, Chris, Cathy, Jane, Amanda, Paul W, Paul R, Alex, Wendy

Aug 24th 

  • Fast:Richard C, Karl, Tony M, Nick and Simon R
  • Med/fast: Graham K, Alex, Peter, Brian C, John M, Alan D and Alan C
  • Med: (100 miler to the coast)  Barry, Brian H, Darren W, Emma and Adrian
  • Easy: Jane, BOb, Cathy, Wnedy, Ian S, Franco, Darren L, Mike E, Steve B, Martin T, Dave S (part way). GUests  Paul, Peter, Paul, Ian and SImon

 Aug 17th 

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast: none - last club TT
  • Med: Paul L, John M, Alan C, John S, Darren W, Andrew B, Adrian H, Emma H, Noam, Barry, Martin W and Rocco (part way)
  • Easy: Wendy, Franco, Danny H, Lee M, Cathy, Martin B, Steve B, Bob, Peter W, Paul W, Amanda, Christina, Jane, Bruno, Peter B (guest), Martin (guest

Aug 10th - rain and ride london

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast: none
  • Med: Graham, Martin W, Darren W and guest Peter B
  • Easy: MIke E, Danny Hood, Wendy, Ian S, Martin B and Steve B (guest)

 Aug 3rd

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast: Richard H, Brian H, Rocco
  • Med: Peter, Ian P, Graham, Adrian, Tony R, Darren W, Steve C, Dave A, Barry and Alex (part way)
  • Easy 1: Bob, Emma, Cathy, Wendy, Paul S, Tracy, Lee M with Janice, Martin and Paul
  • Easy 2: Danny H, Jane, Christina, Bruno, Ian S, Daniel H, Steve McC, Martin B and the return of Simon with Guest Steve B. 

uly 27th

  • fast:  Spencer, Karl, tony m, nick, simon, david and Richard C
  • med/fast: tony r, adrian and alan c
  • med: Cathy, John F, Andrew & Diana C, Graham K, Patrick D, Sarah W, Cathy & Alex (half)
  • med: the splitters: Dave A, Daniel H plus Janine & Gareth and 2 other non-members
  • Med: the alternative start point from Ware: Barry
  • Easy: Wendy, Bob, Danny H, Martin B, Chris, Ian S, Mark S, Lee M with guests, Robyn S,  Steve B, Charlotte and Marie

July 20th

  • fast:  Spencer, Karl and Richard C
  • Med/fast: graham, richard F and Richard H
  • Medium: Peter W, Alex, Paul L, Darren W, Ian P, Paul S, Ian S, Alan D, Adrian H, Barry, Martin W, Andy B, and guest Roko
  • Easy: Bruno C, Valdis B, Franco, New prospect Ken Stuart, Paul W, Brian E, Danny H
  • Rapha 100 k: Cathy, Sarah B, Amanda, Jane P, Wendy, Emma plus Janine, Maria and Nicky:  Support team: Bob and Mike

July 13th 

  • Fast: Karl, spencer and tony M
  • med/fast: Tony R, Neil H
  • Med:  alex, brian e, darren (which one), peter, richard f, chris b, barry, John mac
  • easy: Mike E, Wendy, Martin B, Jane, Amanda, Paul W, Franco, Christina B, Lee M.  Guest/new riders. Robyn S, Janine and Gareth W.  Two riders each interchanged between easy for med and med for easy at the cafe stop....

July 6th

  • Fast: none
  • med/fast: none
  • Med: Two rides: one after the TT:Peter W, Tony R, Steve C, Lee M and Paul S.  The other led by Ian S, with Sarah W, Barry, Kevin, Darren W, Lee A and Mark T, + guest in blue and white top and black helmet, sorry forgotten his name.  
  • easy: Chris W, Bob B, Mike E, Franco, Bruno, Paul R, Sarah B, Martin B, Wendy, Mark S?, Christina, & Guest Martin
  • Off road: john f, cathy, jane, angela, time

June 29th 

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast: Tony R, Brian Hi, Steve C,  Steve McC, Paul H, Mark C Neil H, Adrian
  • Med: Alex, BArry, Graham (part way), John H, Martin W, John S, John M, and one other
  • Easy: Jane P, Ian S, Bruno C, Martin B, Bob B, Kathy P, Danny Hood, Sarah B, Paul W, Amanda S, Alan C, Lee M, Wendy M, Paul R, Mike E and Guest: Steve B - Martin's brother

June 22nd

  • Fast: Simon R and Karl
  • Med/fast:  Graham H, RIchard H, Richard F, Alan D, Alan C, Steve McC, Paul S, Brian H, Tony R, JOhn H, Neil H, Peter, plus a Mark, and two others whose name I don't know
  • Med: Ian P, Barry, Alex, Andrew, Darren L, Ian S, John M, plus NIck and Adrian (Guests)
  • Easy: Danny H, Daniel H, Chris, Franco, Emma, Lee M, Mark, Bob, MArtin B, Mike and Maryrose (guest)

June 15th

  • Fast: none tbc
  • Med/fast: tony r, Neil H, Brian H, Richard H and AN Other (guest??)
  • Med: Peter, Alex, Ian P, Ian S, Barry, Chris B, Paul D, John H, Emma, Richard F, Darren W, Andy B, JOhn M, Pat D
  • Easy: Capn Bob, Sarah B, Wendy, Cathy, Jane, Amanda, Bruno, Mike, john F, Franco, Danny H, Paul and guest Maryrose

June 8th - no rides June 1st

  • fast: karl
  • med/fast: Steve, Tony R, Paul L, Paul S, Alan C, Paul H, Andrew B
  • Med (century ride): Graham, Mike J, James J, Lee A, Darren W, Ian S, Peter W, Diana C, Graeme, John H, Dean, Kevin, Alex and Martin Wheeler - a prospective member.
  • Easy: danny h, franco, paul r, chris w, martin b, mike e, paul w, amanda s, jane p, phil t, mark tapp, emma h, sarah b, bob, lee m, wendy, john f, john mac, bruno, brian e, cathy and guest darren

 May 25th

  • Fast: Karl and Phil
  • Med/fast: none
  • Med: Steve Mc, Ian P, Tony R, John H, Dean P, Paul S, Alan D, Barry, John M, Peter, Andrew B, Alex, Patrick D, Graham K
  • Easy: Paul R, Wendy M, Danny H and Danny H, Lee M, Sarah B, Franco F, Cathy P, Bruno C, John F, Bob B, Mike E, Amanda S, Paul W, Chris W, Mark Sims, Martin B, Valdis B and Graham T (who started and turned off - 1 point only).  Plus we also enjoyed the company as guests of Lizzie, and Steve, Martin B's brother, both first rides.

May 18th - 38 out on club rides

  • Fast:  Karl, simon and phil
  • Med/fast: lee A
  • Med: Pat D, Alex, Paul S, Sarah B, Martin, Ian S, Peter, Alan D, Alan, Barry, Chris B, John M, Darren W, Brian H, Paul L, Graeme H, Phil T,  Neil H Guests: Andrew B, Darren L, Mark C
  • SLow: Chris W, Danny Hood, Paul W, Paul R, Amanda S, Bob B, Mike, Danny Horn, Wendy, Bruno, Jane, Lee M, Brian E - Started But left us before cafe.  Guests: Robyn, Helen

May 11th

  • Fast:Graeme H, Brian H, Spencer, Karl, Simon, Rikki and maybe Neil??
  • Medium & Med/Fast: under pressure to give the Wheelers French audax team the points here for 60 miles in 3hr 50 mins but won't.  For the record:  Barry, Graham, Peter, Lee, Steve Mac, and Richard H (hanging on for most of the ride), Paul L - dropped after a pit stop took the wrong turn, Jason succumbed to ill health and rode a shortened route
  • Easy:  Group A:  Capn Bob, Danny H, Jane, Wendy, Tony R, Ian S, Bruno and guest Janine.  Group B:  Mike, Chris, Paul S, Diana, Kevin, Cathy, John M, Phil and guest Mark

May 4th

  • FAst:  Karl, Simon R
  • Med/fast:  Tony, Paul S and Paul H at the faster end of the med/fast pace and Dean, Richard F, Graeme, guest Neil and Richard H (until breakdown and international rescue called for) at the medium end of the med/fast pace
  • Med:  John F, Alex, Barry, Kahn, Patrick D, Lee B (new?, Darren W, John S, Ian S, Khan B
  • Easy: Lee M, Martin B, Jane, Wendy (guest still?), Capn Bob, Daniel Horn, Bruno, Jason T, John M, Peter W, Mike E, Franco, Phil ( the power) T, Will & Danny Hood

April 27

  • Fast: karl
  • Fast/med: Tony R, Brian H and Vince (who he?)
  • Med: ian s, Peter Kevin, Paul S, Steve McC, Alex, Paul L, Ian P, Dean P, graeme h, Chris B, John S, Alan D, Patrick D, Graham K, Darren W
  • Easy: Phil T, Paul W, Paul R, Sarah B - first ride this year, Danny H, Lee M, Lee A -  turned off before the stop, Bob B, Martin B, Emma H, Chris W, Alan C, Amanda S, Mike E, Guests: Christina, Mark, Wendy

April 20th

  • Med/Fast: tbc
  • Med:  Alex,  P Walton (until datchworth & then walkern), Dave S (until Bramfield), Paul L, Tony R, Steve C, Alan C, Jon M, Vince (???), Ian P, Paul S, Dean P and Brian H
  • Easy: Cap'n Bob, Amanda, Paul W, Paul R, JOhn F, Mike E, Lord Evans of Tonypandy, Ian S, Darren S, Martin B, Phil T. Guests: Graham & Wendy Mak and the Rhea + DANNY AND LEE M - despite Cpn Bob's attempts at sabotage

April 13th

  • med/fast:  Tony R, Karl, Simon R, Steve C, David D, Paul H, John H, Phil G
  • Med:  Peter, Darren W, Darren S, Alex, Chris B, Dean, Richard H, Graham, Graeme, Steve McC, Matt O'C, Alan C, Mike B
  • Easy: Paul W, Amanda, Jane, Danny H, Phil, Bob, Chris W, Lee M, Martin B, Valdis, Kahn, Ian S, Bruno, Steve W + guests: Darren, Christina, Mark, Graham and Wendy
  • Off Raod: JOhn F, Cathy, Barry, Emma and Franco
  • Come & Try:  JP, Paul S + 2 guests and the Chairman

April 6th

  • med/fast ride:  MIke B
  • med:  Graham, John H, Daniel H, Richard H, Ian P, Paul S plus guest Rob
  • easy: Danny H, Emma H, Franco F, Ian S, Bob B, Peter W, Bruno C, John F, Mike E and Guest: Wendy

March 30th 

  • fast & med fast: no riders - club TT and some feeling the effects of Mallorca
  • Med: John F, Barry, Ian S, Daniel Horn, John H, Cathy, Paul S.  Steve McC, Brian H, Dave S, Tony R & 1 guest rider (anyone know their name?) went home early having already done the TT
  • Easy:Chris W, Paul R, Phil T, Alan C, Emma H, Captain Bob B, Mike E, Lee M, Jane P, Peter W, Martin, Danny Hood.  Guests: Wendy, Diana and Graham

March 23rd - windy and hailing

  • Med/fast: Tony R, Lee A, Phil G, John H
  • Medium:  Barry, Graham, Dave A, RIchard H, Richard F, Paul S, Phil T, Peter, Chris B, Alan C and Alex (1 point) who left early
  • Easy: Amanda, Emma, Bruno, Franco, Ian S, John F, Mike E, Pat D, Danny H, Lee M, Paul W, Cap’n Bob with guests - Diana, Christina, Helen, Wendy & Mark

March 16th - Gloriously sunny again

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast: Brian H, John L, John H and Dave S
  • Med: Ian P, Graeme, Steve Mc, Alex, Fast Barry, New Tom (?), Darren (I've assumed Darren S not W)
  • Easy: Capt’n Bob, Cathy, Jane, Peter W, Ian S, Bruno, Mike E, Danny Hood, Danny Horn, John F, Paul R, Franco, Steve W, Pat D, Valdis, Paul S plus Guests: Mark, Fixie Ian and AN Other 

March 9th - gloriously sunny

  • Fast: David D, Spencer, Rikki, Karl, Paul and Simon
  • Medium: Alex, Peter, Alan C, Richard F, Richard H, Steve, Brian H, John H, Dean, Dave A, Alan D, Noam, Lee A and Emma
  • Easy: Danny H, Paul R, Chris W, Ian S, Phil the power, Daniel H, Mike E, Paul W, Amanda S, Captn Bob, Mark T, Eve, Cathy, Darren W, Jane, Martin B, plus 
  • Andy and Diane Second week out with us and and Tom and Paul 1st timers.

Mar 2nd - another sunday, another gale

  • Fast:  Peter
  • Med/fast:  Spencer, Phil G, Dean T, Rikki
  • Med:  Steve, Richard H, Richard F, Phil T, Paul L, Ian P, John H, John S, JOhn L, John (Dave's neighbour), Dave S, Mike B, Dave A, Alan C, Graham K, Dean, Graeme H (to Walkern) and Alex
  • Easy (but was it easy in the headwind?): Chris W, Bob, Danny H, Franco F, Paul W, Daniel H, Amanda, John F, Bruno C, Valdis B, Jane P, Mike E with Guests: Diana, Andy & James 

Feb 23rd - windy

  • Fast: Kevin 
  • Med/Fast:  Steve Mc, Phil G, Paul H, Tim D
  • Med: Peter, John M, Emma, Alan D, Dean P, Mike Box (?), Richard F, Dave A, Phil T, Ian P, Chris B, Peter Jones (?), Alex, Graeme H, Alan C, with Sarah joining at Melbourne
  • Easy: Bob, Jane, Amanda, Paul W, Paul R, Danny Hood, Franco, John H, Mike E, Ian S, Lee M, Bruno

Feb 16th - glorious day

  • Fast:none
  • Med/Fast: Brian C, Steve C, Tony R, Brian H, Graeme H, Karl, Phil G, Paul H
  • Med: Graham, Sarah, Jason, Peter, Ian P, Darren W, Phil T, Dave A, John M, Alan D, Alan C, Barry P, Richard F, John S, Martin B, Alex P, Paul L, Kevin
  • Easy: Bob, Amanda, Jane, Mike E, Bruno, Ian S, Paul W, Chris, Danny Hood, Franco. Guests: Mike & Mark

Feb 9th - windy but dry

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast:  Phil, Spencer, David D and Paul H
  • Med:  Barry, Ian P, Paul L, Dean, Kevin, Tony R; Alan C, Alex, Chris B, Graham, and possible Brian C (tbc)
  • Easy:  Jane, bruno, Mike, Ian S, John F and Phil the power

Feb 2nd 

  • Fast (but at medium): Kev, Tony R, Brian H
  • Med but at fast pace:  Ian P, Karl, Phil, Rikki
  • Medium: Paul D, Peter, Dean, Graham, Emma, Martin, Alan C, Alan D, Darren W, Phil T, Richard F, Steve Mc, Valdis, Alex, Nick, Jonny Mac, Barry, Paul L
  • Easy: Bob, Jane, Amanda, Paul W, John H, Mike E, Franco, Chris, Danny Hood, Lee M, Ian S, Bruno and guest Mike

Jan 26th

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast:  Lee A, David D, Phil G, Rikki, Angelo D (switched to easy after shoe problem), Richard H, Tony R
  • Med: John F, Paul L, Alan D, Martin B, Alan C
  • Easy: Cpn Bob, Mike, Steve McC, Peter, Emma, Franco, Bruno, Penny 

Jan 19th

  • Fast: Peter
  • Med/Fast:  Karl, Kevin, Phil, Rikki, Tony R, Paul H & Lee A
  • Med: Alex, Dean, Graham (left before the cafe), Alan D, David McN (turned back before the cafe), Phil the Power, Brian C, Johnny M, Sarah, Ian P, Jason, Paul D, Stephen McC, Barry, John S, Martin, Paul L and Alan C 
  • Easy: Danny Hood, Daniel Horn, Franco, Ian S, Valdis, Patrick D, Chris W, Bruno, Jane, Cathy, Emma, Richard F, Lee M, Mike E

Jan 12th

  • Fast: none
  • Med/fast:  kevin, tony R, Lee A, Paul H,Philip and Kevin
  • Med: Alex, Darren S, Matt, Chris B, Richard, Peter, Alan C, Paul L and Dean P
  • Easy: Mike, Jane P, Patrick D, Chris W, Paul R, John H, Lee M, Danny Hood, Phil T, Barry P, Bruno C, Steve Mc, Graham K, Martin B, Daniel Horn, plus Penny & Derek

 Jan 5th 

  • Fast:  Richard C, SImon R
  • Med/Fast: Tony R, Rikki, Paul L, John M, Steve C, Alan D, Paul H, Kevin, Phil G,  Brian H, Lee A 
  • Med: Steve McC, Graham, Peter, Ian P, Dean P, Matt O'C,  Alex, Darren S, Alan C
  • Easy: Chris, Paul R, Lee M, Martin B, John F, Jane, Mike E, Valdis, Fast Barry, Bruno, John H, Sarah, Penny J - Trying her first ride with us, Danny H .

29th Dec  

  • FAst: KArl & Spencer
  • Med/Fast:  Paul H
  • med: Steve M, Kevin P, John M, PAul L, Alan D, CHris B, Brian H, Paul D, Peter, Darren W, Dave S, Alan C + Graham and guest John L left early
  • Easy: Amanda, Jane, Paul W, Paul R, Franco, Danny H, Martin B, Jon H, Phil the Power, Cap'n Bob

22nd Dec

  • Fast: Karl, Richard C, James J, David D
  • Med/Fast: Tony R, Steve M, Steve C, Brian H, Kevin P, Alex 
  • Medi: Peter, Graham, Dean P, Jason, Paul L
  • Easy: Cathy, John F, Franco, Danny H, Jane P, Paul R, Mike E, Barry P (missed the start, met us at the cafe and rode back - 1 point & Martin B 

15th Dec 

  • Fast: KArl
  • Medfast:  Kevin, Tony R, Barry P, David S, Steve M, Alexl and a new rider Steve Cartwright
  • Med: Ian S, Brian H, Ian P, Graham Knight, Pete Walton, John Mac, Sarah, Richard F, Darren W
  • Easy: Emma, Amanda, Paul W, Paul R, Danny Horn, Danny Hood, Valdis, Phil T, Franco, Chris, John H, Martin B, Bob B and Mike E (1 point - had to leave ride before tea stop)

8th Dec

  • Fast: no one
  • Med/fast: Brian H, Ian P, Paul H & Phil
  • Med: Steve, Graham, John H, John M, Kevin P, Chris B, Peter, Sarah, Alex, Darren W, Kevin, Valdis, Brian C, Ian S, Daniel Horn, Paul D, John S
  • Easy: Danny Hood, capn Bob, Amanda S and Paul W, Paul R, Phil the Power, Fast Alan C

1st Dec - Xmas lunch   gentle ride round the lanes: Jane, Franco, Darren W, Dave Scales, Peter W, Steve McC, Barry, Graham K, John F + guest John Lucas. 24th Nov

  • Fast: Karl
  • Med/Fast:  Tony, Steve, Lee A, Alan C, Alan D, Phil G, Noam, Rikki, Ian P, Paul L, Brian H, Dave S, SImon R and guest Steve C (maybe some more?)
  • Medium: Dean P, Sarah W, Valdis, Peter W, Graham K, Alex, Phil T, Martin B, Darren W & John F
  • East: Bob B, Amanda & Paul, Mike, Chris, Franco, Danny H and Daniel H, Lee M

17th Nov

  • Fast:  Karl, Rikki and Richard C
  • Med/Fast: Tony R, Stephen McC,  John S, Ian P,  Brian H, Paul H and Fast Barry 
  • Medium:  Graham, Richard F, Peter W, Dean P, Darren W, John M, Alex, Kevin P, Sarah W
  • Slow: Danny Hood, Jane, Capt Bob, Franco, Mike, Paul R, John H, Chris W, Valdis, Daniel H plus Guests Martin B, Danny Cz and Patrick D

Essex end of season sportive - good turn out from the club:  Richard H, Mike J, Paul L, Emma, Alan C, Alan D, Noam, David D 10th Nov - Week 2

  • Fast: tbc
  • Medium: Graham K, Peter W, Barry, Emma, Steve Mcc, Valdis, Alan Clark, John F, Darren (W?), Ian P, Kevin, Richard F, Paul H, Alex P, John H, Tony Rose, plus guest Noam from Great Amwell
  • Easy: Bob, Jane, Amanda, Paul W, Paul R, Danny Hood, Danny Horn, Chris, Bruno, Ian S, Lee M and guest - Dan

3rd November

  • Fast: Karl
  • Medium: Alex, Brian C, Graham K, Chris B, Ian P, Barry, John Mac, Paul L, Steve Mc (great work as back stop coming home thx), Tony M, Richard C, Emma, Tony R, Alan D, Richard F and daughter.
  • Plus medium to the advertised destination: Rikki and Richard H (to baldock)
  • Easy: Peter W, Valdis B, Leslie R, Bob Brown, Ian S, Bruno C, Jane P, Paul R, Chris W, Phil T, Danny H, John F, Daniel H, Lee M, Alan C, John Highet, Mike E,  

    Guests:Martin Buckle, Dan Cz, James O'Shea