Club run reports - 15th May

Club run reports - 15th May

15 May 22

Category 6 ride led by Daniel Horn

Today I was expecting 3 on the ride as it was me leading and starting from Much Hadham. Surprisingly 13 turned up. However, the fun had already started long before the start as Stuart had reported a puncture from a newbie co-rider (Hannah) on the ride up-to the start. Needless to say, 15 minutes late we set off for Saffron Walden. 

A few hills and wrong turns by those trusted guides up front too busy yapping, not naming anyone here Tony, dictated that I should lead the route I had planned and from the front.

A completely uneventful but very enjoyable first half, except for the second puncture on same bike. Pete (almost ‘The Mechanic’ if only he could have fixed my bike last week) Kelleway managed to actually fix the puncture properly by removing the flint from the tyre which caused the 2nd puncture. Thanks, Pete.

The café stop was awesome – farm shop and café just outside Saffron Walden meant we could avoid the busy town centre.

Nice pace on the way back, the riders seeming to enjoy the little climbs that kept appearing giving us a total ascent of 656 metres, average speed 13.8 mph, resting heart rate of 71, max heart rate (high, myob), calories 1505, distance 41.5miles, conditions – dry except for TDS who lives in South London somewhere, and got a proper soaking and a free bike wash.


Category 4 ride led by Enzo Misuraca

There is nothing as consistent as the inconsistency of the UK weather. Whilst Saturday was glorious, Sunday started off damp, windy and pretty miserable.

This meant that nine category 4 Wheelers arrived at the Hoddesdon Clock Tower decked in a mixture of arm warmers, rain jackets, long sleeved jerseys and full finger gloves. The early chat was of how many layers everyone had on and how easy would it be take them off.  Passers by were thoroughly confused.

The ride was set for a trip to Blackmore tea rooms and the cyclists left at 9.30 to the sound of Augirdas and his squeeky white carbon wheels, a tune that would announce us for much of the journey.

Hamlet Hill was the first of some challenging inclines, but the team climbed with ease to the top and set about getting into Essex at a decent pace.  The cafe stops serving full English breakfast at midday, so Cat 4 stalwart Ian Bembridge was keen to get to the destination in good time.  He gets grumpy if he hasn't had his egg, beans, sausage and bacon...

The trip took the gang through some fantastic rolling countryside, and an event free outbound journey got the riders into Blackmore at around 11.30. Ian was pleased.

A spectacles malfunction meant that the ride leader had to endure the cafe stop looking like a bit of a berk, as one of the arms had fallen off.  Wouldn't be the last time he would look like that before the ride was over...

The stop was very pleasant and the food ordered and served in record time (take that, Poppy's Barn) and the cyclists were soon prepped for a very wet and breezy trek back home.

Any cat 4 ride wouldn't be a cat 4 ride without the odd missed turn, and right on cue, the ride leader once again took on the moniker of 'berk' as he took the team off course early into the homeward leg.  Still, no harm done as a quick 9 rider U-turn soon got everyone heading the right way.

A tricky ride up and through Epping lay in wait, with some heavy traffic to contend with, but the Wheelers stepped up and safely navigated the Essex jams and into the forest.  Wayne expertly marshalled the troops mid-pack and scooped up anyone that might have got left slightly behind due to the roundabouts and traffic lights.

A very speedy descent from the forest into Waltham Abbey was expertly ridden by all.  Some minor cattle grid dramas were also dealt with, but we won't go into that with any detail. Those gaps are bigger than they look, Lisa.....

A trip up the Crooked Mile, then lead the 9 back into Nazeing and Hoddesdon.  

No mechanicals (other than with the ride leader's glasses) and all made it back safe and sound, if a little soggy.

Oh and didn't Peter B's new bike look fantastic?

Well done everyone.