Club run reports - 19th June

Club run reports - 19th June

19 Jun 22

Category 6 ride led by Ian Bailey

First things first: some of us arrived at Mill End Plants somewhat later than expected but a full, untouched, Bakewell tart awaited us. On that basis, this was a very successful cat 6 ride. 

Thirteen riders left Ware as we welcomed another new Amanda. It soon became apparent that keeping the whole group together would be a challenge, so just after Haultwick we split. Carolyn and Pete were in the first group but were picked up by stragglers due to a serious seat-post malfunction. I regret not videoing the moment when Pete, lying on his back with his feet braced against the crossbar, finally released Carolyn’s seat post and shot backwards across the grass verge. 

The return journey was fairly eventful. Amanda had to abandon at Mill End due to back problems. Peter Walton joined the group for a short time then set off on a different route, taking Leigh with him. Davina also followed for a time until she realised he wasn’t with cat 6 anymore. After a strenuous chase she caught up with the final group on the road, briefly overtook and then took a wrong turn onto an alarmingly busy A10. After a chase and catch, she was back with the last of the group. 

Though your leader can only attest to two people getting back to Ware, subsequent WhatsApp messages suggest that no club members were harmed or permanently lost in the course of this ride. 


Category 4 ride led by Ian Bembridge

Just four riders left Ware, heading for Café Mocha in Saffron Walden, a venue and route suggested by Peter Bloomfield, both of which did not disappoint.

It was a great day for riding, but a headwind limited progress on the direct climb from Ware to Widford. However, things were to change dramatically in Much Hadham, where a bit of competition from a Sawbridgeworth and Harlow team of riders prompted Elio and Lisa into action. 

Fresh from their exploits in Fenland, where they represented the club in the title enhanced “Cambridgeshire One Hundred”, they immediately went into “floating through the wind” mode, upped the pace and were very determined to prove to the Herts/ Essex borders crew, that the Wheelers could outrun the competition on the climb from Hadham crossroads to Stocking Pelham. Denis joined in on his summer bike, which comes complete with all the carefully selected (by Denis) features, making him well equipped to take on anybody, whilst yours truly grabbed a tow up the slopes from one of their back riders! 

Fortunately, the competition were all completely shot by the time Stocking Pelham was reached  and duly sat down for a rest, leaving me to pedal frantically to catch up with Denis, Lisa and Elio, who by now were about half a mile ahead!

All got back to normal, as we rode along some delightful and quiet roads to the market town of Saffron Walden in the Uttlesford district of Essex.

Finding the café in the middle of town was a challenge, but just as Peter had suggested, the Mocha is a traditional café, with tables inside and out, serving quality coffee and good food at reasonable prices, providing good speedy service even though they were quite busy.

We cycled home at a good pace, with the wind now helping, leaving Denis to comment that he was “pleasantly knackered!” Me too Denis!

Thanks to Lisa, Elio and Denis for another enjoyable day. Looks like there are plenty of good cafes to choose from in Saffron Walden, so we should go there again.