Club run reports - 26th June

Club run reports - 26th June

27 Jun 22

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Category 6 carbo loading on Saturday evening

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

What a long weekend this was. Pete Kelleway and I decided to chalk off a hundred miler on the Friday, Pete’s first one hundred. Congratulations. 

On the Saturday some decided to go for a quick spin. That was another thirty five miles. Then we all had a few cheeky glasses of wine as the category 6 should. It was a great laugh with the rose in full flow, then a curry in the Neelakash. 

Sunday’s ride? Well, the hardy few that turned up (eleven) looked a tad dishevelled, but not hanging. I decided to ride up from Enfield to sweat out the alcohol. It worked! Well kind of! 

Amanda Richard was there and had been on the club run before. My first time to meet her, and what a blast she is. Plus another new lady, Liz Sanders, another great addition, who is good for a laugh. Welcome to the mad house, you two. 

We set off from Ware at a pace that would be becoming to the category 3. The pace then quickly changed with a horrible head wind. Poor Liz was suffering as she had a mountain bike and was having issues with the gears. We got to the cafe, but who was waiting, the confessional, yes, Rebecca was sitting there and what a delight to see her; she was obviously hanging from the night before! The cafe was mobbed. We ordered the food and waited about 20 minutes, and the food was worth the wait. Absolutely superb. Amanda and Liz ate their food and then realised they needed to get back quick. So they shot off. 

We left the cafe around twelve, and  went through Sawbridgeworth blah blah blah. A really nice ride with only a couple of slipped chains and no punctures. Special thanks to Carolyn for holding the fort at the front whilst I was hanging at the back (obviously alcohol related). 

A really nice ride and, as usual, great company. Thanks to everyone for coming; you make the club what it is, and that is an amazing club. 

Obviously written from the throne. Love and kisses, Tony.