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  • Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood and Mike East

    The main talking point took place before 9.30, when, on the ride to the start, the nominated leader suffered two punctures. Danny Hood kindly led the group out from Allenbury’s to Much Hadham, where the frazzled leader joined in. Thereafter the ride took in Little Hadham, Ferneux Pelham and Great Hormead, where, in the (planned) absence of a cafe stop, the full two points were gained.

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

    I turned up at Allenbury’s, followed by Denis.  Then Peter Walton turned up,  Ian Bailey and Rebecca Moore. Only five of us. Carolyn Kelleway advised she would meet us at Cold Christmas Lane. 

    We set off at 9.30, met Carolyn and had no real incidents. We got to Thremhall Park, as normal, and the food came out swiftly. 

    On the way back, yours truly had a puncture, fixed and on our way. I had a minor altercation with a branch and crashed into the soft verge. Nothing else really happened. 

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

  • Category 6 ride led by Mike East

    On the ride to the start I noticed the wind had changed direction since yesterday. Not with the same consequences as it does in Mary Poppins - repentant parents, lots of kite flying and a jaunty  song. No, the wind was now coming from the north, bringing an icy chill. The planned ride would be headwind out.

  • Category 4 ride led by Lisa Ridoutt

    Nine riders set off from Hertford to Mill End Plants, with two new members joining us.

    All was going smoothly until Valdis got a puncture just outside of Puckeridge; after a 15 minute wait we were off again.

    The anticipation had been building to see what the huge bear would be doing at the house at the top of Barwick Lane (if you know, you know)! For those that are even remotely interested, he was asleep in the bed.

  • Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

    Only three riders today for the cat 6 saunter out to Vanstones Garden Centre.

    I'd been warned about closed roads around the Codicote area and they turned out to be accurate. Fortunately this didn't apply to bicycles, and we rode along side the many taking part in the half marathon. The garden centre was really quite as you would expect, when the roads leading to you were shut to traffic. Not very fair to a business whose busiest day is a Sunday. 

  • Category 6 ride led by Daniel Horn

    A pleasant day was expected with a small group of seasoned riders starting from Much Hadham.

    It wasn’t long before it was noted that there was some rough terrain ahead and all were required to switch to off road mode to survive the serious potholes/sinkholes along the farm track.

  • Category 3 ride led by Graham Knight

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

    The route was compiled by Carolyn Kelleway and I was somewhat excited to lead this one. However, at the last minute, poor old Carolyn rang me to say she had the dreaded lurgy. Oh no, I thought. We all hope you feel better soon. Also poor old David Smith texted me advising he had tweaked his knee and was only going out for a short ride in the morning. 

  • Category 6 ride led by Carolyn Kelleway

  • Congratulations Emily! She beat all-comers to win the Wheelers' Hill Climb Cup. Is this the first female winner in our history?

    Congratulations also to the other three competitors. Good times all round and much, much better than the 150+ members who neither rode nor came to watch.

  • Category 6 ride led by Alex Powell

  • This is our last competitive event of the season. All you have to do is ride for 1.23 km whilst climbing 60m. Come on! That's only 5%! You may not win but it's fun to see how fast you can go - and of course if you're in it you get bragging rights over everyone who isn't.

    The event is at Digswell - there is a map here

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

    Ware was the meet place. As I sat there in my car, somewhat weary and tired, I got out, legs aching, body screaming from a sportive the day before, I had to rely on my mental agility to get me through this ride. Obviously with my mental agility not being brilliant, I wasn’t convinced my body could endure the ride. 

  • Category 3 ride led by Nathan Brede

    The category 3 riders led by Nathan Brede & joined by Peter Howard, Graham Knight, Jonny Spowart, Warekiwi (John) & new member Augirdas Augis rode out to Jordan's Mill in Broom today. The weather conditions were fine & clear and riders had no incidents or problems. Good ride and hope everyone enjoyed the route. We rode about 65 miles at an average speed of 15.5mph with approximately 2,425 feet of climbing.


    Category 2 ride led by Chris Boulton

  • Nice sunny morning but just three riders. However, there was an excellent debut ride from Andy Lewis getting well under 30 mins on a road bike. As this was his first ride this season Andy takes the Scrubbers trophy. There was also a return for Lee who was narrowly beaten by Sam who took the 81" restricted gear trophy.

  • Category 6 ride led by Ian Bailey

    A recent innovation on the cat 6 Slack channel has been for ride leaders to upload a gpx file for the coming ride so that participants can follow the route on their Garmin or similar devices.

    For only my second lead ride, I took this idea a little further by planning a ride on Strava, uploading it, then (inspired by a discussion on another Slack channel) planning it again on Komoot, and using the Komoot version for the ride.

  • This event was postponed from July when there were insufficient entries. Sadly, despite all the effort that went into arranging permissions for a new date (Sam) plus the efforts of the signs marshall (Lee) and timekeepers (Bob and Marcia) there were still only two competitors. So well done to both of them! Sam is the new holder of the Old Skool cup

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

    I rocked up at Allenburys at 9 in the car and not one drop of alcohol had passed my lips the night before. I know shock horror eh! 

    Nine riders (including me) left a tad late as we were chatting. 

    Not a great happened along the route to be honest with you. Apart from a howling wind, which was at least 100mph (might be exaggerating a bit). I would tell you where we rode, but that’s boring isn’t it! 

    We got to the cafe and surprisingly Cammas Hall has got cheaper, which was a nice surprise. 

  • Category 2 ride led by Chris Boulton

    A great alternative route to Writtle with some very picturesque roads.