Club Runs 8th November 2015

Club Runs 8th November 2015

08 Nov 15

Cat 3 run led by Peter B
The best-attended of the club runs with eleven setting out from Allenbury’s (Cat 3 is the new Cat 6).  Setting out through Roydon and Epping, once under the M11 we turned North and headed through Toot Hill and Matching Green on our way to a café stop at The Village Tearoom in Hatfield Heath.  We arrived to find the place packed with cyclists! But while we pondered what to do most of them left and it was fine after all.  Return was via Hatfield Broad Oak then Green Tye and Much Hadham before causing confusion by turning North (got to make up the miles) and after looping round came back again through Much Hadham and a standard run back through Widford and Wareside.  52 miles and no punctures or mechanicals.

Cat 5 run led by Mark T
We headed north from Hertford making sure on our arrival in Buntingford we would not get in the way of the towns rememberance day parade which started from the north of the town and went through the high street towards Hare street.

With a very wet week the roads had a lot of surface  water on them with 3 massive puddles which if you were to fall in you could expect the life guard to save you.

But never the less we pushed on and arrived in good time with no mishaps  for a nice cup of tea and cake and for a cat 5 ride we were fairly quick.

As usual very good friendly and quick sevice from the café

We all split up when we got to  ware and headed home with no mechanicals or flats made for a very good cat 5 club ride with good company. 4 riders

Cat 6 run led by Mike E
Although mildly inconvenienced (but never irritated) by some mulchy roads, a couple of floods and a puncture, the group of eight went to and from the Wyevale Garden Centre in Codicote. The outwards journey took in Whitwell, where we stopped at the war memorial for some silent reflection at 11 am. The route back was via Tewin and Cole Green. 30 miles at 12 mph.