Club Runs 6th December 2015

Club Runs 6th December 2015

06 Dec 15

Cat 3 run led by Barry P
Fifteen set off to Royston in search of nutrition on a figure of eight route to try and avoid the worst of the gales.t This worked  more or less but a detour was imposed by the leader on the return leg when more became less (and the rain started !) 48 miles

Cat 6 run led by Mike E
This was billed as the Elvis ride, but a late decision was made to postpone the tribute for fear of Storm Desmond strewing wigs, glasses and sideburns into the carriageways of Hertfordshire and Essex. I am not sure Elvis can ever have considered taking up cycling, not least with HW. Could he have managed those pelvic gyrations after a long day in the saddle? And, he would not approve of our destination today - Hatfield Heath Tea Room. Only McDonalds would be good enough for the King.

Anyway, although the opportunity to dress up was denied, the ride went ahead. The outward journey,  a well worn route, was unremarkable, especially as there was no "Spellbrook aberation" this time. On the return leg, drizzle inconvenienced the group. There were fourteen rider over 34 miles.

Next time the tribute is to Val Doonican - cardies compulsory, rocking chairs optional.