Club Runs 5th July 2015

Club Runs 5th July 2015

06 Jul 15

Cat 5 run to Hatfield BO led by Ian S
6 set off in the rain from Ware, including 2 guests, to the half way point at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm, Needham Green by way of Roydon, Harlow, the Lavers, Matching Green and White Roding. While enjoying our refreshments Sarah W joined us, which could not be said for the Cat 6 group who were bound for the same destination, thus robbing us of the opportunity to exchange pleasantries. No doubt this mystery will be resolved in due course. The rain had stopped when we emerged and we continued via Taverners Green, Takeley, Molehill Green, Elsenham, Bentfield Green, Hazel End, Farnham, The Hadhams and Kettle Green. The sun eventually came out for the last few miles. Despite wet roads and plenty of grit and debris washed onto the smaller lanes by the previous weeks storms I am glad to say we remained puncture free for the 51 mile ride.

Cat 3 run led by Mark T
To all of you who missed out on this ride because the forecast said it would be wet all the way, it wasn't! The last 10km or so were ridden in sunshine - so nyaar!

Despite the noticeable dampness in the air, this was an enjoyable ride on fast, quiet roads through pleasant countryside. The café at Writtle was efficient, good value and tolerant of the puddles we trailed in our wake.

Thanks very much to Mark for choosing the route. Don't miss it if he offers it again!

Cat 6 run led by Wendy
With the Isle of Wight ride and the drizzle, only 5 of us set out on the Cat6 ride to Cammas Hall. The rain progressively got heavier as we went through the Hadams, Allen Green, Sawbridgeworth, the Matchings and White Roding. Having decided that the she’d rather have a coffee break in a dry building rather than a tent, the leader stopped off at Brett’s Cafe instead of heading to Cammas Hall. The group was treated to a nice welcome, and miraculously, the rain stopped when the group was about the set off again.

On the way home, the group went past Cammas Hall, round the side of Hatfield Broad Oak, up towards Takeley, then swung back down to past Hatfield forest to Woodside Green, Spellbrook, Green Tye, then via Widford, Stansted Abbotts before arriving home in sunshine. A problem free 49 (?) or maybe slightly less miles. Hopefully the select bunch had a good time and didn’t mind the extra miles.