Club Runs 3rd January 2016

Club Runs 3rd January 2016

03 Jan 16

Cat 3 ride led by Graham K
We knew it would be wet and it was. It began with drizzle and wind and ended with downpour and wind. On the way north the wind was a friend but after Chishill our relationship was distinctly chilly and Nathan did a great job in pulling us all along DOWN the hill to Wendens Ambo in the face of the gale. The return from Saffron Walden brought us a similar blend of wind and rain. Nathan was the hero once again as he returned up the hill towards SW to recover the top of Claire's bottle cage tool-box.

Seven completed the whole character-building enterprise with two more departing along the way to pursue pleasures of their own.

Cat 6 ride led by Mike E
After previous postponement due to high winds, rain from a storm beginning with a G proved a threat to the Elvis tribute ride. The rain was an inconvenience on the way out to Puckeridge via Furneux Pelham. Something Lovely had been pre-warned about the tribute and provided musical accompaniment to their fare. Most riders had dressed up for the day - wigs, glasses, side-burns and a blow up guitar - but Martin trumped all with his Elvis underpants, worn, Superman-like, on the outside of his tights. Not unsurprisingly, we were the only cafe customers. Two chose winding routes back, the main body deciding to try to outfox the increasing driving wind and rain and electing for the old A10. 10 riders.

Cat 5 run led by John F
 As the only Cat 5 rider on a considerably wet day I went with Mike's group to Puckeridge instead. Even managed to get home before the heavy rain came down as well.