Club Runs 10th May 2015

Club Runs 10th May 2015

10 May 15

Cat 5 run led by Cathy
7 riders came out on cat 5 on Sunday including 3 'easies' who decide to mix it up a bit with a non cat 6 ride.  The 7 also included John Highet, who really should be credited with double points as he did two wheel revolutions to our one.   Not content with having cycled over 200 miles or with having cycled though the night, Peter also joined us clearly wanting to give his body further punishment - cycling punishment that is.   Amazing!  How does he keep going?  The only hint of tiredness was when he was waiting for his food in the cafe rather than when cycling.  

The ride took a long loop out via the Hadhams, Brent Pelham, Meesden, the edge of Anstey and Wydiall to Buntingford and shorter route back via Barwick ford.   No other events of significance.

Cat 6 run led by Danny H
Eleven wheelers set off from Ware on route to the Wyevale garden centre in Ongar. Sadly we lost Steve before we'd even got out of Harlow. He missed the turning and was spotted disappearing off into the distance.  Our route took in Thresher's Bush, The Lavers and Moreton before heading through Ongar High street to our refreshment stop. A delicious piece of cherry and almond cake and cup of coffee went down a treat with me.  A few of the members choose to eat outside making the most of the ever improving weather to up their tans.  Our return was via Toot Hill, Theydon Mount then up the biggest hill of the day into Epping and then back to base via Roydon. Everyone seemed to enjoy the route especially Franco who said" that it was the only one he had ever been on that had him sweating ". The rest of us didn't know if this was a good or bad thing but we're happy for him anyway.Glorious sunshine great company, what's not to like. 42 miles.

Cat 3 run led by Steve Mc
Superb weather for the medium club ride to Clavering Lakes. The leader decided that it was such a beautiful day that he wasn't going to let the poor service at the Clavering Lakes Lodge ruin it and pointed his steed northwest to Cambridgeshire following the HW fast rout. The tail wind pushed us gently north with average speeds of 15-16 mph. We had quite a few long stretches where we averaged over 20mph. On the way up we encountered many cyclist participating in a local cycling event. The county side was full of them, cyclists that is, most were happy to see us. A few motorist were not. But we were not deterred. Especially Mr. Mac. There was one puncture and two American fags just before Royston much to everyones surprise and my delight. We stopped in Royston where we were served promptly and decided to leave before Adrian went into hypothermic shock. The ride south to Ware was excellent, I thought. The group worked well together pushing through the headwind. As a result we kept a good pace, keeping similar speeds accomplished on the way up. Excellent ride and even better company.