Club Runs 10th January 2016

Club Runs 10th January 2016

10 Jan 16

Cat 3/5 run led by Graham K and Sarah W
Sarah's version
The Cat 5 and Cat 3 groups joined forces this week.  So it was with some trepidation that 11 set off for an unwarned Clavering Lakes Tea Room.  With some lovely sunshine and a tail wind we headed north through Barwick, F. Pelham, Nuthampstead and through to Gt Chishall.  It was after that that things started to go awry.   The leader had unwisely decided do do a longer first half than second half of the ride, so we pressed further north to Elmdon where Graeme had a puncture.  And then another one 100 yards after setting off (different wheel!).  And then another one half a mile further on.  An advance party had set off by this time through Arkesden to the tea room and very kindly waited for the rest to arrive.  Fortunately the tea room wasn’t too busy.  With the leader having misjudged the distance and the puncture stops we were quite late setting off but managed to negotiate successfully through the headwind home via Ford End, S. Pelham and the old A10.  Apologies to all for any inconvenience caused by the misjudged distance (finally ~55 miles!).

 Grahams's version
A large group set out on the combined Cat 3/5 ride heading for Clavering Lakes. There seemed to be at least a possibility (from past experience) that the management there might find such numbers challenging to their renowned, genial hospitality. Ten of us decided to head elsewhere. After several miles we decided that "elsewhere" was a bit vague and that we should be a bit more specific. We settled on Thaxted on the grounds that one of us (Graham) admitted to have some notion of how to get there. After some dubious navigation along farm tracks north of Bishops Stortford and a puncture near Elsenham we found smooth roads and sunshine all the way to Parrishes Café.

Suitably re-fuelled we returned via Henham, Stortford and another puncture. A very enjoyable ride in pretty decent weather and a welcome return by Richard F after a year's absence with knee problems (we even forgive him his puncture).

Cat 6 run led by Bob B
After two wet Sundays what a pleasure it was to have a nice sunny day for this ride. A large group of around 18 (was hard to say as around  40-50 cyclists were milling around at Allenburys prior to the start) set off. A couple of latecomers  joined in too, including one who had forgotten to pump up her tyres! The other latecomer also succumbed to a flat and stalwart Mike who stayed behind to help was never seen again by the main group as he suffered a mechanical and opted to return home alone.  Bruno again shone on his new titanium bike, and, fresh from an alcohol free December, was often seen at the head of proceedings. We completely swamped the Buntingford Tearooms but, as usual, they coped admirably without complaint.
Wendy turned up just a we were leaving but there was only time for the briefest of hellos. The group fragmented on the way back, not least because of another puncture. Ever reliable Cube Danny took the main party on to the finish,  and Captain Bob, Robyn and guest Robin rolled in to Ware last of all.