Club run reports - 23rd February

Club run reports - 23rd February

23 Feb 20

Category 6 ride led by Mike East

It was not looking good - gusty and drizzly, then a puncture on Mangrove Road on the way to the start. Just about made it to Sainsbury’s before the one member there headed home. So, just two (prime number) riders today - tough Herdwicks not held back in the fold by Bo Peep.

We took a windy, windy (one short vowel, one long vowel) course to Vanstone’s. Under cover there, the heavens opened, but closed again before we had finished coffee time. The ride back was a straight line to Welwyn, then the A1000 into Hertford. Thank you, Peter E, for the company over 28 miles.

For those who missed today, this ride is on offer again next Sunday.


Category 3 ride led by Graham Knight

Yet another weekend beset by gales and floods - I knew it was a bad idea to leave the EU. However, with no prospect of any relief in the near future, I guess we now have to face the weather or not ride at all. So, a small and slightly apprehensive group of Cat 3 and 5 riders gathered at Allenbury's to decide what to do. The planned Cat 3 route was 56 miles through the exposed Essex plains with a 21 mph headwind all the way home. I had already rejected this as a bad idea and was hoping for something shorter and more sheltered (or maybe just all go home and have a nice, warm drink?).

In the end we settled for a combined Cat 3/5 ride to Buntingford, where a decision would be made between stopping and proceeding to Rushden. Sarah led us along a route which was mercifully light on headwinds and we arrived safe and sound in Buntingford. There the Cat 5 ride decided to remain while the four intrepid Cat 3 riders set of towards Sandon.

As we crossed the A10,  Alex mentioned to me that rain had been forecast for about 11:00 am. I assured him this was not the case and that, after early rain, the day would be dry. Had this been so we would all have missed the character-forming experience of riding through torrential rain in the teeth of the gale whilst dodging competitors in some benighted running race. Eventually we made it to Rushden where Alex left us - presumably to go home, though, knowing Alex this may have been via Peterborough. The rest of us relished the experience of eating comfort food whilst gently dripping on the floor. I am proud to say that we were the only cyclists!

The route back was through Ardeley and mainly propelled by a strong tail-wind - hurrah! Progress was interrupted by a puncture for Graham followed by one for Andrew whose tyre deflated whilst he was helping Graham repair his. After that, with characters perfectly formed, we made it back to Ware without incident.