Club run reports - 20th October

Club run reports - 20th October

20 Oct 19

Category 2 ride led by Nathan Brede

Category 2 rode out into Essex, then finished in Hertfordshire. Good testing route and road surfaces.

Five riders covered 65.2 miles, averaging 17.8 mph with 3100 ft of climbing .

The team rode well together and generated great banter on a cold day, windy day. Overall everyone enjoyed the ride.

Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

Eight Wheelers lined up at Ware to do one of our regular routes to Buntingford. After weeks of often wet weather it was a relief to have a dry but rather chilly autumn day. The temperature was kept down by the breeze from the north which slightly slowed our progress on the outward leg through the Hadhams, Pelhams, Anstey, and Wyddial. A very full coffee shop meant we had to sit ourselves down wherever possible until the presence of sweaty cyclists gradually had the effect of emptying the establishment. Return via Aspenden, Cherry Green, Great Munden, Latchford, Barwick Ford back to Ware. 42 miles, no punctures, mechanicals or tumbles.

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

So I vowed not to lose anyone this ride. I was waiting at the start and at 9:25am there was only 3 riders. I thought that’s a right result, how can I lose 3 riders! 

At 9:27am I had 14 riders all eager to get going. Then Lee decided to jump ship and go with the 4’s as Peter had promised him Shenley as well. Down to 13, but not a lost rider. 

So at 9:30, we ride off; I’m so determined to not lose anyone, Danny is my wing man. About 3 miles into the ride, we get to top of Brickenden Lane hill and yes, you’ve got it, I receive a phone call from Peter Bloomfield saying there’s been a crash and six riders are at the bottom of the hill. So Danny and myself hurtle down Brickenden Lane expecting carnage at the bottom. But what happens, all the 6 riders are on their way up the hill. I was expecting blood and broken legs and arms. But, No. It turned out that Peter had crashed into the back of Janine and all was good. 

We went on our merry way. Danny has flash backs about his pedal coming off down the lanes. 

We arrived at the cafe at 11:15am and the queue was massive. 15 minutes later, we ordered the food and one minute later the food was with us. It was that quick. We expected to see Lee, Peter and Cat 4, but nothing at all. It turns out Peter had changed the route. 

We left the cafe and nothing eventful happened on the way home. A nice ride and the weather was good. Thanks for all coming along and I did not lost a rider this time. We all made it back safely, albeit after a minor accident.