Wheelers' Monthly Strava competition

Wheelers' Monthly Strava competition

27 Apr 17

Peter Bloomfield has designed and is managing a new, monthly competition based on the Strava website. 
The concept is simple; riders join the Wheelers' Strava "Club" then upload the tracks of their rides. Peter then downloads their weekly totals and accumulates them into monthly ones. 
Initially the monthly awards will be:

  • Gold award  -  400 miles or more
  • Silver award  -  250 - 399 miles
  • Bronze award  -  150 - 249 miles

this may be adjusted in the light of experience.
After three weeks the leader-board was headed by:

  1. David Daniels 597.0 miles
  2. Chris Wells 402.0 miles
  3. Will Bowen 379.9