Pat Player Trophy Candidates

The following nominations have been received by the trophy review team and summarised to enable members to vote for the individual they consider has done the most to deserve the Pat Player Trophy for 2021.

Chris Boulton

For his captainship of the Cat 2 rides, and his enthusiasm to plan rides and encourage those who want a Cat 2-level ride to get out on their bikes on a Sunday. His willingness to produce and lead rides has ensured that Cat 2 has remained an enthusiastic and growing group within the club.

Tony Dos Santos

For fulfilling the role of Membership Secretary in such an enthusiastic and welcoming way that new members have felt immediately part of the club. Taking an interest in members, their abilities and background to ensure that they get the most out of the club, that they understand how it runs and what the various rides are. Also stepped up when Cat 6 was struggling for leaders during the pandemic and ensured that rides were organised - often leading them himself - to accommodate existing members and the large number of new members who joined during the pandemic.

Graham Knight

For his efforts over as Club Secretary seeking out, understanding and disseminating the changing guidance during the pandemic, keeping the committee and club together by working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the club continued to function as normally as possible. The job touches most aspects of the operation of the club and he has been willing to provide input and support across the board wherever needed.