Mid Week Club Run Report Wednesday 27th July 2016

Mid Week Club Run Report Wednesday 27th July 2016

28 Jul 16

Club run led by Mike E
Since last week's one off and valedictory report, I have received significant correspondence, namely a single letter from a Mrs Trellis of North Wales. I think her missive alone justifies a second report. She writes:

Dear ride leader
I have little interest in cycling, other than ogling mamils in lycra.  However, your short pithy report on the recent Wednesday ride sustained my interest from start to finish. Its brevity was the perfect antidote to my full time task of reading the Chilcott enquiry in its entirety, which I hoping to make into a musical. Keep up the good work!
Yours faithfully
Mrs Trellis

So for the benefit of Mrs Trellis, if no one else -

Seven tightly lycra-ed clad chaps wove and bobbed their way to Furneux Pelham via Much Hadham, then hit top gear on the return route through Puckeridge and the old A10. Lovely weather, 25 miles, 15.9 mph.

Hot enough for you, Mrs Trellis?