Flandrian of the year

Flandrian of the year

04 Feb 22

Belgian riders, especially Flandrians, have a reputation for relishing foul weather - the wetter, colder and windier the better. Which Wheelers best channel their inner Flandrians?

Laura's points competition spreadsheet records all the club rides of 2021; 2 points for a completed ride, 1 point for a decent effort. Attendance varied between a maximum of 43 riders and minimum of 3. Surely it is our Flandrians who turn out for these low attendance days? To find them the points table can be recalculated to give greater weight to low-attendance rides. Basically the idea was to divide the points by the total points scored on that day. So, if there were 5 riders each scoring 2 points - for a total of 10 - each would score 2/10 = 0.2. If there were 20 riders (total 40) each would score just 2/40 = 0.05.

So, who is our champion Flandrian? The Flandrian weightings made little difference to the top places in the points competition, they had done nearly all the rides indiscriminately. True Flandrians would not do this. They would concentrate their efforts on the miserable days, rejecting the balmy days of summer as not offering sufficient challenge. To find them we need to look at the changes in position between the "standard" league table and the weighted "Flandrian" one.

So, congratulations to Hanif Jetha and Ian Bailey who both jumped up 13 places. But both were eclipsed by our Flandrian of the Year who jumped 16 places from 23rd to 7th. Step forward Andrew Buckingham!