Club runs reports - 15th January

Club runs reports - 15th January

17 Jan 17

Category 6 - led by Danny Hood

Sitting in the car at the start, with fingers crossed, praying that everyone would see sense and bail out today, was yours truly. My optimism was dashed more or less straight away when David, a first time try out rider rolled into the car park dressed more for summer rides than today's tempest. Oh well, it was now that the years of SAS training kicked in and my inner voice shouted man up. Another two regular cat sixers arrived, along with two from the faster, longer rides who had gone to the wrong start location. They both made off to catch the other ride and the four of us rolled away in the general direction of Hatfield Heath. The pouring rain and freezing cold made for a most uncomfortable ride, our newcomer David feeling it the most. By the time we'd arrived at the cafe we were all looking like extras from the Titanic movies ship going down scene. David was shaking so much he poured his tea everywhere. The much needed hot food and drinks helped until we got back outside and the rain really started to come down. We took the straightest route back to HQ, even though this meant using the main roads and cycle paths of Harlow. David made his own way home from here and us three put our heads down and bombed back to base.

Cat 5 - PW

Thought I'd be on my own but was pleased to see another punter at the start.  So we set off in the rain to Shenley via Bayford, Welham Green & Ridge.  We arrived to find Cat 3ers GK & GW already in attendance.  They'd misread (or not read) the ride schedule.  We rode back together until Brookman's Park where GK peeled off for home.  As stated further up this thread, the weather was pretty atrocious although the return was a much pleasanter journey.

Category 3

Cancelled due to the weather.