Club Run Reports Sunday 28th August

Club Run Reports Sunday 28th August

30 Aug 16

Cat 2 unled by Brian

Brian waited a bit but then realised most people would be off on the Cat 3 then decided to head off as no one turned out. With the approaching rain clouds I decided to do the Wednesday route, which was fast up to Patmore Heath, but as I turned into the Causeway the lovely wind hit me and I chugged back to Ware for a Coffee then home.

Cat 4 led by Barry

Barry shepherded Nat B, Graham K and Peter D to Maldon along a nice route south of Chelmsford with a following wind. Peter W and John H provided an escort as far as Stanford Rivers at which point they returned due to lunch-time dictats and riding a Brompton respectively. Save a couple of navigational anomalies all went well - after all, who could possibly object to seeing Kelvedon Hatch twice?
Maldon offered plenty of al fresco dining opportunities. Unfortunately it also came up with tide out and sun in rather than the other way around. It also offered the first really serious rain of the day. Never mind - the prices were right!
The return trip through Chelmsford, Roxwell and Fyfield was more challenging with a head-wind all the way. Thanks due then to Nat and Barry for towing the whole thing along.
If Barry leads this again next year, do it. It's a really nice century ride. GK

Cat 6 led by Mike E

Occasionally the category 6 group step outside their comfort zone, gird their loins, and extend the distance. So, for the last ride of the meteorological summer, eight headed off for the Blue Egg café in Bardfield - deep Essex. Some navigational issues arose, not least, after a missed turn, the return journey becoming the outward journey and vice versa. We got to the watering stop in good time, blown along by Aeolus, although two changed their planned destination en route. No queueing for our blue eggs on toast.
We were reduced to five after the break as one preferred to get home by bike followed by Abellio Greater Anglia.
Out via Broxted and Thaxted, back via Felsted and High Easter. 56 miles, double mileage and double the pain to recover from on the Bank Holiday. Normal service resumed next week.