Club run reports - 9th May

Club run reports - 9th May

09 May 21

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

It was forecast to be a lovely day with temperatures hitting a heady 20°c. 
Firstly I’d like to wish Peter Eldon a happy birthday for 8th May; obviously he never turned up as he was probably hanging in a gutter or something like that :-). 
Everyone turned up in plenty of time. Then three riders decided to go on the Cat 4. I hope they had a good time. 
So it was nine riders who left Allenburys. A new rider turned up, Matthew Klemesrud. We found out he was a world traveller, within about two minutes of meeting him. Lovely guy and will fit in with the club perfectly. 
Sorry, I’m going off on a tangent. We rode through some lanes etc etc (blah blah blah) and then we noticed two people had new bikes. Mud was thrown at them to christen them. Yes it was Ally and Grace with all singing, all dancing bikes, which looked absolutely superb. We all kept admiring them and were “well jeal” lol. 
We got to the cafe with no incidents, but we did notice that Davina was bombing it down the hills; two weeks ago she was braking all the time and didn’t like going downhill. Well done, Davina. 

At the cafe, Ian ordered his usual double full English with two mugs of tea and eight slices of toast. Lol. The rest of us, being finely tuned athletes, ate sausage sarnies lol. 
Oh and Matt K, once again slipped in about his world travels again (yawn :-) )
We left Mocha with fast service and everyone happy. Except, Dan who had to buy me breakfast as they didn’t accept cards (whaaaaaat!). 

Part two: Still admiring Ally’s bike going up the hill, he fell off, scraping the right lever; Ally starting bawling and we tried to console him, to no avail. We obviously were trying to give him a cuddle, then Covid alarm kicked in and we just patted him on the back. After about twenty minutes, Ally advised he could carry on, eyes red raw, nose running. He’s a soldier isn’t he! Grace felt for him as her new bike was unscathed! 
This was an uneventful ride. Apart from “losing” Daniel Horn and Matt K. They shot out in front of us and decided to keep going instead of turning right. Luckily Ally saved the day by riding after them on his brand new (now used with a damaged lever, lol). He eventually caught them, did I mention with his new bike, and two riders came back with their tail between their legs. OK, so it was nothing like that, but sounded good didn’t it. 
No punctures, no mechanicals. Only one slight incident (I’ll bring the tissues next time Ally (I’d better make it a big box - PMSL)). 
I don’t think there was anything else, apart from - did I mention that Ally and Grace had new bikes?
If I’ve missed anything, sorry, but I’m shattered due to Hanif riding me like a dog on the way home. Thanks H.