Club run reports - 9th August

Club run reports - 9th August

09 Aug 20

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

This ride was scheduled to start at 9am, due to the heat; 30°C was forecast, so I thought it prudent to bring the time forward. 
Peter Eldon agreed to be my wingman today, and he was going to show me another route back from Thremhall. 
So 9am came and went, no Mr Eldon. I rang him at 9am, which went straight to voicemail. Marcia turned up, but no helmet on, so she nipped home and got it. She arrived on her posh new Ribble. Well jealous. 
At 9:10am, we set off, saw Danny and Franco, had a chat, then Leigh reminded me that we were on a ride! 
We set off at a race pace. I received a phone call from Mr Eldon, who advised he thought it was a 9:30 meet and he didn’t sound right. So he met us along the route. 
Chatting to all, as you do, it appears last night was a “big night in” for a lot of people who were somewhat hungover, whereas I, being a honed athlete, did not have a drink the night before (for once!) 
Peter caught us up and didn’t look well. He had also had a “big night in”. I mean, four or five honed athletes were on the lash last night. You never see me doing anything like this! 
It was nice to see Peter Walton coming out with us, although he wasn’t a happy chappy about us leaving at 9:08am
We got to Thremhall at 10:50am and left at 11:20am, a quick turnaround and “Air Force One” was handed over to Peter E. We turned down a lane which advised “Road Closed”. I shouted, nah, don’t worry about it. Luckily we could get through and the road wasn’t closed - Phew!  I mean, Peter, not doing your homework, tut, tut! 
It was nice to have Graham, Peter, Lisa, Leigh, Daniel, Suj, Kate and Peter coming out on such a glorious day. 
Oh, and just a moot point, Daniel has now confirmed, after many a year, he has worked out his left from right, which is a good thing! 

I don’t think I missed anything. Oh yeah, no mechanicals, no punctures, in fact no injuries at all this time (NB Suj & Peter)

See you all next week. Anyone got any ideas where you want to go?


Category 2 ride led by Peter Howard

Five finely tuned athletes, plus myself, assembled at St Margaret's Station for an early (8am) start for a guided tour of the finer parts of Essex. Route went out through Widford, Hatfield Heath, Moreton and Norton Heath before a short stop at Blackmore Tea Rooms for sausage baguettes, cake, and pancakes with bananas and whipped cream...I can't remember what the others had, but the coke was cheaper than some other places (ask Lib). Return route back over the bigger hills via Kelvedon Hatch, Stapleford, Ivy Chimneys and Nazeing.. approxIrately 57miles, 3000ft climbing, and avg 18.4mph.