Club run reports - 8th October

Club run reports - 8th October

12 Oct 17

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

Today's ride saw the return of Jane to the cat six fold. I don't know what she's been up to, but whatever it was, it has been working, as she pulled us along all day - EPO? Come on Jane, own up!
The usual route or through Moreton to Ongar was delayed only by Paul's chain jamming between cassette and frame. It was caused by his hanger being bent a few weeks ago when I pushed him over. Well that's what he thinks, him being a gooner and all that. Lots of hills but fast roads meant a very reasonable average speed was kept up by everyone. 
Great ride, and nice to see you back Jane Vos.

Cat 3\6 - PW

An after-hillclimb sortie saw seven leave Harmer Green and soon pass through Watton, Walkern & Ardeley on their way to Puckeridge.  This bunch of riders, with mixed capabilities, ensured a reasonable pace with LeeM (as usual) whizzing off the front and having to be chased down by the Evans.  Ended up being fed & watered by Kerry before heading back to Ware (or home). 
Good to see Lee, Brian & Marcia especially as both Marcia & Graham had earlier competed on the Digswell course.