Club run reports - 7th April

Club run reports - 7th April

07 Apr 19

Category 6 ride led by Mike East

There needs to be an escape from the news at the moment - all that disunity and name calling, tempers flaring and relationships straining...the spat between the Cambridges and Sussexes has certainly grabbed my attention, and I am deeply concerned about the consequences. Real doom and gloom.
Fortunately there was a category 6 ride to take my distraught mind off the royal disagreements. Twelve others, also wishing to be distracted from these shenanigans, met up at Hertford for a 30 miler to Mill Green Tea Room and back. Out via Datchworth and Aston, one turned off at Ardeley, one at the destination. The food and cafe staff were champion. The return route took in Benington and Bengeo, during which a few peeled off at their convenience. The whole shooting match was over by 12.45.
And there is some good news to cheer us all - Ant is back on telly with Dec. Could not tell you which one’s which, mind.

Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

Seven solo bikes and one tandem set out from Ware into the mist in an Easterly direction towards Wareside, Much Hadham, Sawbridgeworth and Sheering where we were met by numerous sportive riders hurtling in the opposite direction, displaying various degrees of fatigue. It must have been an important day for sporting events as shortly after Matching Tye and Threshers Bush we came across hundreds of runners taking part in a charity 10k, most of whom looked even more knackered than the riders we saw earlier. It was the re-opening weekend for the new season at Cammas Hall and fortunately for us their catering arrangements ran like a well oiled machine as usual. Heavy rain pouring onto the roof of their marque meant we did linger a bit longer over the last of our teas and coffees and when we did set off again the rain had eased somewhat. However, in view of the wet conditions a slightly shortened return route was taken through Hatfield Broad Oak, Hatfield forest, Spellbrook, Much Hadham back to Ware. 47 miles. No punctures or tumbles and only one mechanical, namely a chain derailment.