Club run reports - 6th September

Club run reports - 6th September

07 Sep 20

Category 3 led by Graham Knight

The new advice from Cycling UK permitted organised rides of up to 15, so we were all right with 8 setting off from Hertford. Having said that, the ride resembled a poorly constructed concertina rather than an organised anything. However, we all proceeded along the same route just not at the same time. The route was a long loop to Hitchin via Lilley, Hexham and Pirton. Somehow we all managed to arrive at the Four Leaf Clover together and arranged ourselves at multiple tables according to the current COVID rules. The return was via Gravely and up the hill to Weston. At this point the ride split in two with the leader at the head of the second group which then suffered a puncture in Walkern. The front group were never seen again and apparently navigated themselves home via Stevenage on a route of their own devising.

Category 6 ride led by Stuart Whitenstall

Plenty of confusion caused on the Slack app with me trying to change the start time to 8 am and quickly reverted back to 9 am after finding out that Mill End Plants doesn’t open until 10 am. (Well done, Lisa Ridoutt). Six athletes set off from Hertford with far too many layers on apart from Pete Eldon, who had obviously studied the weather for the day. A fairly quick pace up through Bramfield and Datchworth. Hit the Walkern Road and Pete Eldon’s rear tyre looked like it was break dancing on it’s rim, first puncture of the day and hoped it was the last. A quick fix while Graham Rogers had a fight with his chain and before we knew it, we had arrived at Mill End Plants. Food and service good but not as good as the chat about condiments which lasted for a while - my favourite was Tony Dos Santos - chicken with mint sauce. Graham Rogers - lettuce with sugar on! A few others that I’ve blocked from my mind. I was left feeling pretty average with ketchup on my sausage sarnie. 
Swift pace back to Hertford with Leigh Pegg cursing me for going up the Watton Road - my ears were burning! On fire actually!!! Six athletes arrived safely back in Hertford at 12.30. Great company and solid rides from all.