Club run reports - 6th May

Club run reports - 6th May

07 May 18

Category 3 ride led by Tony Howard

Although I was ride leader things didn’t go to plan! The route was planned but unfortunately the bike computer had other ideas and wouldn’t load up so with lots of help from Barry P we made it up as we went along!

Starting from Ware, the 6 riders took off to Great Amwell and past Roydon Station, heading towards Epping and Fiddlers Hamlet. There was discussion on whether to Toot Hill or not to Toot Hill! And the not’s won! So we rode via Kelvedon Common, Doddenhurst, Hook End and stopped at Blackmore Tea Rooms, which was extremely popular with the cycling community. However the Tea Rooms were very organised and food and refreshments were served within 10 minutes on the front terrace!

The return route was via Norton Heath, Willingale, Fyfield, the Lavers or at least some of them and then Sawbridgeworth, where we encountered and closed road due to a street party! So we diverted South to High Wych past Manor of Groves Golf Course, Green Tye, up Kettle Green Road, Wareside and home. 59 Miles door to door!

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

Twas a lovely spring morn, the blossom was blooming, the bikers were booming (sorry wanted to make a rhyme). Eleven merry men and women set off from Hertford. Just as we turned the first corner, someone shouted to me there were two stuck at the lights, I waited and I waited and I...., well you get the picture. Then I realised it was one of Mr Hood’s pranks. So we went on our merry way, along through Bayford and into Epping Green. Then we went through Brookmans Park and shock horror, I still had not lost anyone! I was dumfounded. We got to the Orchard Café in no time at all and no mishaps. We had a nice it of grub and jumped on the bikes. Back to Hertford with gay abandon. Danny had a puncture with the peloton, who waited for him. The leaders were miles in front with Mark Sims making light work of the hills. I turned back and tried to find Danny and the peloton, but they were coming towards me - well they did have Franco there helping them mend the puncture. All was well until about 4 miles from Hertford, when yours truly also had a puncture. Franco had to shoot off, I think it was because he didn’t want to help mend the puncture, or it could have been he had a barbeque. It was really nice to meet Eve, and a new rider Kate came along. I hope we all didn’t scare them off. I didn’t lose anyone today. Wahoooooooo………