Club run reports - 6th June 2021

Club run reports - 6th June 2021

06 Jun 21

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

I decided to have an earlier start as it was going to be a few more miles than normal. Twelve turned up at Allenburys. We were meeting another rider along the route. 
So off we went singing like, erm, the seven dwarfs: “Hi ho, it’s off to Poppy’s we go, with a bucket and spade and a hand grenade, hi ho,hi ho.” Nothing really eventful over the first fifteen miles, except Frank’s bib shorts; we all had to take a second look, lol, can’t say anymore, lol. Oh and Kate’s chain ring not moving up into the big ring. 
Then poor old Frank had a puncture. All changed in about ten minutes and back on our way. Steve decided to ride off the front and turn left before Stocking Pelham; he rang me and asked where he was, lol. We guided Steve back, with thanks going to Hanif for retrieving him. 
So twenty miles in, we get to Poppy’s only to be told they are short staffed and can’t cater for thirteen. Five decided to go home as we’d had a delay. 
Damn, but we go down the road and find a nice little pub called The Fox and Hounds. The pub couldn’t have been more accommodating, good food and prices as well. Mark was well jealous that I had a pint of coke, as he only had a nice cup of coffee, without sugar, lol. 
Food done and dusted, we moved off and a mile down the road, Ian had a puncture, lol. You couldn’t make it up could you. Ian changed the inner tube in record time (7 minutes 38 seconds). 
Off we went again but the pace was slow on the way back to Ware as we’d been riding for at least fourteen hours, lol. 
We all got back, safe and sound. 
If I’ve forgotten anything, do forgive me. 
I would just like to say that the camaraderie that everyone has shown in the last few weeks has made me proud to know everyone that I have ridden with. Thank you all, and may the wind be at your back, especially for the one hundred miles next week. 


Category 3 ride led by Enzo Misuraca

At exactly 9.30 am, eleven category 3 Wheelers left a sun-soaked Ware and headed for the Blue Boar Deli in Abridge. The pre-ride car park team talk was mostly centred on the threat of a downpour, with Wayne adamant it was 'gonna piss down', but fortunately the cycling Gods limited the rain to a mere dampening of our lycra-clad arms and legs.

The team did well to spot the deliberate mistake from the ride leader of immediately turning the wrong way out of Allenburys and with the first concentration test passed, he felt confident enough to start the journey proper, as the peloton moved at a steady pace out of Ware and on their way to the coffee stop in Essex.

The outward ride was without mechanical or navigational incident, but was highlighted with an uncharacteristic (or so it seemed to the ride leader) sprint from Graham K, as he quite literally rocketed up and down a fantastic stretch of undulating tarmac like a young Eddy Merckx. 

Absolutely marvellous to watch.

Eventually, the group arrived at the incredibly busy but cycle-friendly cafe.

Seating for the weary riders was limited and it took a good 25 minutes before space was found and around a further 15 minutes before refreshments and sustenance was ordered. The wait was probably not quite ‘worth it’, as the espresso was watery and the house cake rather cardboard-ey.

Despite the hit and miss of the food and drink, a reinvigorated set of Wheelers set off for the return leg back to leafy Hertfordshire.

The rather hilly and flowing lanes fractured the group for a while, but the team was expertly put back together and no rider was either broken, lost or left behind. 

The gang even managed to re-arrange some street furniture to allow our low riding John in his Velomobile to pass what Herts Highways had deemed a road closure. 

It will take more than some chicken wire and orange bollards to stop this set of cyclists, Mr. County Council.

Other than Lisa momentarily dropping a chain, the team expertly avoided any risk of breakdowns, including the dreaded puncture.

With Ware finally back in sight, the companions slowly parted ways to their homes, with smiles on their faces and cycle-shaped hearts in their chests.

A great ride with great people.