Club run reports - 6th January 2019

Club run reports - 6th January 2019

06 Jan 19

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

Nine healthy, speedy riders turned up at Hertford, all raring to go after the Christmas and New Year feasts. 
We set off at a pace that the Cat 3 would be jealous, riding like nine Boardmans! Adrian had a moan about riding close to his house (he didn’t really, but it sounds good). It was nice to see Kate turn up at the correct starting point; well done, Kate! Danny advised he had to leave after an hour as he was going on holiday in the afternoon - now that’s commitment! Then disaster - my Garmin locked up and would not respond. Luckily I knew the route eh! After the hour, Danny said his goodbyes and so did Martin. Down to the magnificent seven riding through Brookmans Park, down to South Mimms services and on to Shenley. Everyone was going at a pace that was at a Cat 6 speed. We got to Shenley cafe in good time and as we queued Kate grabbed one of the staff and got a table reserved for us. Great work! 
We all had our food, which got to the table before we did! OK maybe not that quick, but very quickly. Clair turned hers and Chris’s food away as she said it wasn’t her number (in fact it was, and Chris jumped the poor lad and wrestled the food back). We all had a nice chat and within thirty minutes we were back on the bikes and making our way. Nice to see a new face, Lisa, another nice person coming on the Cat 6. Paul was his usual self, riding off the front. I kept asking Adrian what the average pace was and towards the end he advised it had gone up to 13mph, which is good for this route. Well done, one and all for bearing with me. 
Happy New Year! Love and kisses. Tony. 

Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

As the originally intended refreshment stop of Tea Green Golf is presently closed, Vanstones Garden Centre was wheeled in as Plan B. The downside is that Vanstones is only 8.1/2 miles from Hertford as the crow flyeth. Thus 10 Wheelers were treated to a very circuitous route of 21 miles before their teas and coffees involving Bramfield, Tewin, Woolmer Green, Old Knebworth and Codicote. We gained another member at the tea stop who had ridden out directly from home and lost another who decided to take a longer/faster route home. So it was that a slightly different 10 Wheelers took another circuitous route via St Pauls Walden, Whitwell, Kimpton Mill, Codicote, Oaklands, Bulls Green back to Hertford. In spite of going around in many circles the distance miraculously worked out spot on the published amount of 40 miles. Fortunately only 1 slow puncture near the end, no mechanicals or tumbles.