Club Run Reports - 6th August

Club Run Reports - 6th August

09 Aug 17

Category 6 led by Danny Hood

I'll get this out of the way first as I'm sure no one would dream of mentioning it again. I made a bit of a balls up on today's cat 6, I managed to lead the peloton down a totally closed road despite the road signs advising me of a closed road ahead. I remember it more like me saying "the road ahead is closed, let's follow the diversion signs" and the rest of the group bullying me into taking a chance on getting through!  Even so, the little detour was via a lovely Lane and only put 15 minutes on the journey so no harm done. ( Other than to Wills leg......... Clipless pedals badge of honour)
The usual quick service and great value vitals at cafe Mocha went down well with everyone and we were soon on our way home. There was a break in the peloton at Widford with half the group deciding to take the Hunsdon, Stanstead Abbott's route and my five heading for Wareside. The five became four within one mile as a flyer off the front missed the turnoff and had to make his own way home. 
Lovely weather, nice company and one birthday boy made for a great ride. PS. We had super Alan C with us today so we took it a bit easy,  hence the slower that usual average.

Category 7 led by John Farnham

Seven Wheelers assembled at Sawbridgeworth for our occasional ride along the Flitch Way to Rayne. Some road riding was involved to start with through Little Hallingbury, Woodside Green to join the old railway line at the edge of Hatfield Forest. Thereafter past the old stations at Takeley and Little Canfield to Great Dunmow where the 'missing link' on the Flitch Way results in a devious route through the back streets to regain the route east of the town. Once back on the old railway line we past the old Felsted station and the halt at Bannister Green where one of a pair of touring cyclists coming the other way crashed heavily right in front of us on a bridge, unfortunately without any injury or damage to him or us. He said it was his second crash of the week, so possibly a bike handling course may be appropriate.  A short distance further on we arrived at the café in the old station booking hall at Rayne. After consumption of enormous sandwiches, cake, teas and coffees we returned all the way along the Flitch Way to Start Hill and then by road through the Hallingburys back to Sawbridgeworth. 43 miles.

Category 3 led by Peter Bloomfield 

Only six this week, four regulars plus Lesley and Steve Godfrey giving Cat 3 a try and acquitting themselves well - hope to see them often again. Our select group had a ride in fine weather - mostly sunny and the wind only in our faces for short periods. Out through Wareside and Much Hadham then via Sawbridgeworth and Hatfield Heath before turning South to Matching Green and Moreton, across to Fyfield and north again to White Roding and the café at Brett’s Nursery. Good service and good food while sitting in the sun set us up for the 30 miles home, especially setting out with the wind at our backs making for a fast run up to High Roding. Then back to cross the railway at Spellbrook (one level crossing on each leg of the trip and straight across both times!) and retrace our earlier route through Much Hadham to Widford then Hunsdon, Stanstead Abbots and home. Helpful wind and a reasonable route profile made for a fast 60 miles with no problems.