Club run reports - 5th February

Club run reports - 5th February

06 Feb 17

Category 6 led by Mike East

Dealing with life's difficulties can be tough going; I am still coming to terms with Only Connect moving from a Monday to a Friday. The current catastrophe is the the Great Lettuce Shortage. I suspect it was the underlying cause of category 6 numbers jumping from 5 or fewer in January to 14 this week. Cycling can help put great challenges into perspective, or at least take your mind off the impending doom of an iceberg famine.
The group aimed for Wandon End, a destination scheduled 2 weeks before until Jack Frost intervened. This time it was at least above freezing, albeit foggy. The cafe delivered its usual filling fare - no chance of any lettuce there, shortage or no shortage. We then enjoyed the post stop return, 5 miles downhill or flat to Codicote Bottom, before the inclines began again. After that, more downhill from Datchworth to Hertford. Two punctures over 37 miles.
As for boring iceberg lettuce, who cares? Not me, cos I voted Romaine.

Category 5 led by John Farnham

A trio of Wheelers set out from Ware through Wareside, Bakers End, Much Hadham to be met by Sarah W having ridden out from home. Over the bridge by the ford, up the hill to Green Tye, Allens Green, Sawbridgeworth, Sheering, Newmans End where Janine suddenly appeared and joined our group. Continuing through Matching Tye, Threshers Bush, High Laver, Matching Green to Hatfield Heath where the tea room was fortunately not as full of cyclists as usual. Return via Ryes Lane, Hatfield Forest, Little Hallingbury, Spellbrook, Green Tye where Janine headed for home, Much Hadham where Sarah also headed home, Wareside back to Ware. 45 miles, no punctures or mechanicals.

Cat 3 - GK's alter ego

Although not able to be present personally in person (ref: Catarella - Montalbano), GK did supply both the outward and return route via GPS.  This we duly adhered to although it was felt that he let us down in the weather department.  Intermittently battling through thick fog, and occasionally not such thick fog we headed north up the old A10 to just before Barkway, where we turned and headed west.  Soon we were speeding towards Bygrave when suddenly there was a loud bang - leaving GW having to fix a puncture.  Duly fixed, we then completed the last mile or so to Tapps GC at Baldock where we met up with two others who had made their own way.  The return was a much more straightforward affair.  One puncture, no mechanicals, sometimes iffy visibility, great company.