Club run reports - 3rd October

Club run reports - 3rd October

04 Oct 21

Category 6 ride led by Carolyn Kelleway

Fifteen riders set off from Hertford on time heading to Vanstones. 
No speed records today, but a new record I’m sure. I set off with 15 people and finished with 3! Quite eventful. A bit of a wait for 2 (who will not be named) riders who went ahead and missed a right turn. But after a great use of Google maps from Tony we meet up again and off we went. 
Roads were very wet with lots of puddles and gravel, so no surprises we suffered 2 punctures but both were quickly dealt with and everyone got to the cafe for a well earned fill of bacon.
As we were a large group we decided to split and so I headed off with 7 riders leaving Tony to bring the rest after he had finished his full English!
All was going well but again 2 riders (who will not be named) went ahead and missed a left turn even after my bellowing from behind! After a few phone calls and waiting at Green End, 2 more riders decided to head off home alone so then there were 3!! We had a lovely ride home. Glad to say everyone made it back safely.
Well done everyone.
36 miles and average speed between 11-12 mph.


Category 2 ride led by Chris Boulton

A brand new route to The Bakehouse which is a popular cyclist destination with some new picturesque roads.

Very lucky with the weather which was highly autumnal.