Club run reports - 3rd March

Club run reports - 3rd March

03 Mar 19

Category 5/6 ride led by Mike East

Avid and dedicated readers of the reports should have noticed a developing trend on recent category six rides. Four weeks ago the ride was disrupted by ice and cold; the ride leader bailed, the others continued on a shortened route. A week later it was stotting down, and once again the ride, under the vague control of the same leader, was truncated. For two Sundays sou’westers and ice picks were de rigueur. Yet for the last two Sundays, under the benign leadership of Danny Hood, the sun has shone. Ice cream, kiss-me-quick hats, beach balls and donkey rides all round.

It was therefore inevitable that when the leader’s mantle was passed back to Mr East, the climatic conditions would take a turn for the worse. This ride leader would like to know what Mr Hood gets up to before before he chooses dates to lead - does he have a direct line to Carol Kirkwood? Does he send up weather balloons? Consult Whitacker’s Almanac? Check his seaweed?

And so it came to pass that few members gathered at a very damp Allenbury’s, most having voted with their quilts. Category 5 and 6, eight in total, combined for an amble to the tea room at Mill Green, Rushden. The rain relented, becoming intermittent, but the breeze developed, so conditions were never ideal. 20 miles out via Buntingford, 15 back.

So, when you check the schedule in the future, avoid rides led by members with a K in their name. And, if I am leading on St Swithuns Day, then we are all doomed.