Club run reports - 31st December

Club run reports - 31st December

01 Jan 18

Category 6 ride led by Mike East

Krampus, the devil of Christmas, must have had some spare time on his hands after "dealing with" children who have been naughty over the festive period. On Sunday he/ it seemed to be seeking retribution on the category 6 group departing, in the main, from Hertford - sharpening flints and turning thorns over for maximum puncture impact. There were 3 on this ride, one before we set off, one discovered on returning to our bikes after coffee, and the final one in Old Welwyn. 

The usual intellectual banter included all riders committing in 2018 to becoming better persons, doing good deeds, stepping up their training, and eating and drinking all the right things. The ride leader further resolved to eschew sarcasm, irony and cynicism. 

The ride sidestepped the torrential downpours around 9 am and 3 pm, but the roads were wet. In the Codicote cafe the original 12 were joined by one who started in Ware! 32 miles covered.

Happy New Year!