Club run reports - 30th December

Club run reports - 30th December

30 Dec 18

Category 5 ride led by John Farnham 

For our last club run of the year nine Wheelers and two guests presented themselves for the start at Allenbury’s, although one later defected to the Cat 6 mob and another went more directly to Puckeridge following a mechanical gremlin. In order to make up a decent distance to Puckeridge, a rather circuitous route was followed through Wareside, Much Hadham, Wellpond Green, Westland Green, Little Hadham, Furneux Pelham and Braughing. Upon arriving at Something Lovely exactly at the appointed time of 11.30 we found the Cat 6 mob still occupying OUR seats and munching egg on toast and slurping tea. So a certain amount of squeezing and pushing was required to get sat down. Return was via another circuitous route, involving Great Munden, Haultwick, Dane End, Old Hall Green, Latchford, Barwick, and back to Ware. 41 miles, 1 puncture, 1 mechanical and 1 tumble caused when the speed of unclipping was not equal to the earth's gravitational pull.

Category 6 ride led by Mike East

Eleven Christmas survivors made for the Something Lovely Tea Room at Puckeridge. En route, two moved ahead of the ride leader and veered towards Ardeley. The rest cycled to Levens Green. The group reformed at Great Munden. We had the 11 o’clock sitting, a cultured and erudite gathering. This was rudely interrupted by the category 5 crowd, crowbarring their way on to our seats and exhibiting their rough manners. We did effect a transfer, gaining one of their riders, albeit still outside the official transfer window.
The return journey included the odd hill no one expected, but grumbling was minimal. Arrived back in Ware, having covered 30 miles and one millimetre - that is, in Brexitese, one thousandth of five eighths of one mile. First ride for Lisa - welcome. A dark but mild day, all over by 1.20 pm.