Club run reports - 2nd February

Club run reports - 2nd February

02 Feb 20

Category 6 ride led by Mike East

Twelve met up in Ware, reduced at Westmill by 3 who had togger or domestic agendas. Once again, no prime numbers. However the magic of maths has many forms, not least today’s palindromic date of wonder - 02-02-2020. Result - ride leader very happy.

It was understood there might be Brexit bounce - a tightly knit formation of athletic cat 6 riders suddenly capable of averaging 13 mph. But it was a false dawn, presumably because we are now in the transition period. So roll on 1st January 2021, when we are truly free from EU shackles, and the dream becomes reality.

Out via Levens Green and Buntingford. The cafe was busy with Bishops Stortford and North Road CCers on arrival. They moved on and the usual service and value followed. This venue really cares!

Back through Ardeley and White Hill. No incidents to report, 35 miles at just under 12 mph.

Let’s hope there is a ride on 12-12-2121 - more palindromic ecstasy.