Club run reports - 2nd August

Club run reports - 2nd August

06 Aug 20

Category 6 ride led by by Peter Eldon

Somehow I find myself nominated as today’s ride leader, something I have never been before. But seriously, how hard can it be?

I have long observed club greats like Danny H, Tony DS, Mike E and Capt Bob, and it seems that all you do is rock up, count the riders, and set off for somewhere that sells cake. And it’s ok to lose a couple en route apparently?

So I count - we are 5 - and chart a course to Mill End Plants via Datchworth and Walkern.

After an hour I remember to check that the other 4 riders are still with me, and panic when I only count 4. Someone points out that I have forgotten to count myself. The feeling of relief is overwhelming.

All 5 of us roll into Mill End Plants and thankfully food comes quickly. I fill my face like a man with a hangover. This is because I am a man with a hangover. A large but justifiable FA Cup winning hangover to be precise.

We say a socially distanced hello to fellow Wheelers Mike, Martin and Franco already seated at the table next to us. and soon we trundle back towards Ware via the Mundens.

The sun is shining, the Herts countryside looks spectacular, and I'm thinking about how I‘ve never fallen off of my bike. A few moments later and I am laying in the gravel.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Anyway, all 5 return to Ware with me, 64km recorded on Strava at a leisurely 21.5km/hr. Job done!

Thanks to all for coming.