Club run reports - 2nd April

Club run reports - 2nd April

06 Apr 17

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

A glorious day for a ride but quite a small turn out compared to usual. A few regular cat sixers were off doing the TT and it seems a few turncoats have formed a splinter group and headed out Cambridge way, (you know who you are, shame on you!). Although the route to Stapleford is very hilly, it is also quite fast and this accounted for the pace today. An average of nearly 14mph is very respectable for the easy ride. As usual the service at the airfield cafe was spot on and the food and drink arrived ASAP. Back on the road by 11:50 and back to base by 1:30. No mechanicals and the return of guest rider Robin (nice to see you back), soon to be member Robin. Great day guys, thanks for the company, a really enjoyable ride.

Category 3 ride led by Peter Bloomfield 

The run commenced at Cole Green after the time trial, so that those who had spectated and those who had taken part could ride. The six riders comprised two of the former and four of the latter and it soon became apparent that those of us who had pushed themselves at high speed round ten miles of Hertfordshire’s finest countryside were paying the price when the roads turned upwards. A steady ride out to Tapps Garden Centre in Baldock followed with the weather not quite coming up to expectations but generally being quite pleasant. Before we left Tapps things were livened up by one member deciding that his front tyre felt a little soft and that he would “just top it up” then proceeding to demonstrate his amazing strength by snapping the body of the valve in two! So the only problem on the trip was self-inflicted, and after a new tube was fitted, the remaining five (one headed home before the café feeling unwell) made the return journey in steadily warming weather. Respect to the time-triallists who pushed themselves round an extra forty miles and I hope they put their feet up for the rest of Sunday afternoon!