Club run reports - 28th July

Club run reports - 28th July

28 Jul 19

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood 

Only five takers for today's ride out to what was advertised as Emily's in Whitwell. I'd decided that due to the miserable weather we'd change the destination to Vanstone garden centre in Codicote. The chance of getting inside Emily's was pretty slim, and the thought of sitting outside in drizzle wasn't too appealing. We followed the ? Group for about a quarter of the ride and the cat fivers for about three quarters. That was where they had decided the extra miles would be added on their ride and we made a more direct dash for the coffee and cake. Good food and drinks were enjoyed as we put the world to rights over a longish stop. As we made our exit the cat five gang arrived; they really had put in the extra miles.
One little loop to get the ride up to the advertised distance then a "blast" back along the B1000 into Hertford. 
29.99 miles and an average speed of 11.9mph. Cube does exactly what it says on the tin - give or take the odd 100th of a mile.

Category 3 ride led by Tony Howard

Seven riders set off from Ware for what was planned to be a 68 mile trip to the Booking Hall Cafe at Rayne near Braintree. Due to the drizzle I gave the team the option of reconsidering this if the weather didn’t improve by the time we passed through Takeley, option B being Thremhall Park Cafe; the weather improved! With the wind behind we rode another 17 miles to Rayne.

Unfortunately that was a tad more that I had planned, due to the gravitational pull of the planet and the idiot who planned the route (me), an extra loop appeared from nowhere adding a few unnecessary miles around the country lanes at Little Canfield! After a quick readjustment, and despite various moans and groans from “The Team” we found ourselves at the cafe, where we joined the back of the queue. The food and drinks were good when we eventually received them, with a “But”! Apparently a ten pound note is too large to pay for a bill of £6.50! What sort of country do we live in?

Fully refreshed, we re-biked to complete what was to be 74 miles (sorry about that) via Felsted, Barnston and Hatfield Heath. This is where 4 riders decided to pass the leader and, yes, you’ve guessed it, miss the turn, leaving Richard H and I to power “Home Alone”! But the tale doesn’t end there, because we didn’t get a puncture, but the four who took the wrong route did. Justice was served!

Cat (?) - PW

I expect that some will have a go at me about "coals to Newcastle" or "teaching grandmother to suck eggs" but here goes.....

If you see deer in the bushes running alongside you, or running across the road in front of you , slow down and proceed very slowly and carefully.  Those running alongside will run across in front of you, and those crossing the road won't be alone!

Two ran across less than 100 yards ahead.  We slowed.  Out came the next deer and smashed into the car coming from the opposite direction.  Result, one damaged deer made off on less than four legs.  Result, one driver trapped in his car as his front offside was twisted enough to prevent him opening his door.

Apart from that, it was a relatively incident free journey.  Two punctures was all that marred our joy. 

The 5's, 6's & (?)'s all left Hertford and rode via Bramfield to Datchworth where there was a parting of the ways.  And we stole one of the 5's to take our number to 5.  By then I had decided to go to Hinxworth because two of our group had never been there.  And the weather wasn't wonderful.  And I was hungover.  And I hurt.  I'd taken a couple of non-cycling tumbles the previous night - one drink related and one not.  Onward via Walkern, Ashwell to Hinxworth.  Back to Ashwell, Baldock Weston, Walkern etc.  The climb up Chalk Hill\Hatch Lane out of Baldock was interesting and testing, especially to those who hadn't scaled this HC ascent before. 

Ended up on 50 miles, only delayed by the aforementioned punctures.