Club run reports - 27th September

Club run reports - 27th September

28 Sep 20

Category 3 led by Graham Knight

What a difference a week makes! No more sunshine in our lives but plenty of wind, especially true for the first 10 miles as we headed north to Clavering in the teeth of the gale. Despite being Wheelers we did manage at times to make a passible impression of a pace line; needs must when the devil drives. Thankfully the route to Bardfield then took us east which improved our rather glacial pace somewhat though a steady and un-advertised drizzle dampened enthusiasm a little.

A new venue, Coles of Great Bardfield, proved welcoming if a little slow with some orders. We then stepped out into the autumnal weather and set off for the promised tail-wind section through Dunmow.  After that we reluctantly turned west and enjoyed a cross-wind all the way home via Hatfield Forrest. 

Category 6 ride led by Graham Rogers

Leaving Allenbury's at 9:00am we were only three, two 'Wheelers' and one guest, Mark Kerr. Destination, Mill End Garden Centre. The main problem we encountered was cycling into a force 8 gale which was present all the way to Mill End. Arriving at the garden centre, the Bakewell tart and coffee was, as usual, superb. We were the only cyclists there and the service was excellent.

We had a nice chat covering various subjects. Graham mentioned he first joined the CTC IN 1966 but had to immediately apologise to Mark for mentioning 1966 - Mark is Scottish!

A large group of cyclists arrived as we were leaving. We did notice a lack of face masks and social distancing, The group was a police cycling club!

Setting off back to Ware, this time with a tail wind, nothing notable happened apart from us stopping at the top of a hill for about twenty minutes to discuss the importance of a bike fit. I'm not sure why? Suj did get a phone call asking when he would be home as it was his turn to change the baby's nappy. Unfortunately A speeding car on a country lane flicked a stone up which hit Suj between the eyes; no real damage but a close call proving the importance of eye protection.

We all arrived back in Ware with no mechanicals or punctures. Another nice ride with good company.