Club Run Reports 27th November

Club Run Reports 27th November

28 Nov 16

Cat 3 led by Alex Powell

An undulating route out into a moderate headwind via Bengeo, Dane End, Puckeridge, Braughing, Berden, Arkesden and Strethall which included a broken mudguard, spoke and a puncture (Paul's first ever) and Leigh losing 2 bolts from his cleat, all coped with or ignored with the minimum of fuss.
We reached the Riverside Café just before the Cat 5 group and were forced to share the place but avoided mixing with them too much and got away before any talk of merging or switchers was raised, lol. After climbing up to and along and down and up etc. the Cambridge/Hertfordshire highlands ridge (Elmdon, Heydon, Great Chishill) to Barkway we got on the B1368 straightaway back to Puckeridge before taking various routes off the old A10 before it got too dark.

Cat 5 - PW

As we left Glaxo our number soared from five to six, and then seven.  Within 400 yards I was advised that we had lost someone, who I didn't even know had started with us - thought he'd gone on the Cat 2.  Soon John's thingummyjig-whatsit punctured and we were overtaken by the easies.  Could it get worse?  No.
The remaining six resumed at a brisk pace into the wind through Much Hadham, Stocking Pelham, Brent Pelham (where one turned for home), Littlebury Green to Ickleton,  There we met up again with the aforementioned JH who by now had acquired the Cat 3ers from Hertford.  After coffee\chips etc we set off back sans Cat 3 but on the same route with a tailwind which gave JH a chance to flex his quest muscles with champion GW hot on his exhaust whilst the elderly (and more sedate) PW & BP were not far adrift.  SW & MB meanwhile had given up in disgust and gone back to Sarah's for a tea & chinwag.  Good 87 kms route, brisk pace but not too quick, good cafe & excellent company.  What's not to like?

Cat 6 led by Bob Brown

Thirteen assorted riders set off from Allenburys aiming to arrive at the Buntingford Tearooms as near to 11am opening time as possible (or you don’t get a seat). Out via Wareside, Babbs Green and Barwick Ford, the group then headed up across the old A10 and down Whitehill. Then Great Munden, Nasty (where a similar sized but quicker group of Veralum riders overtook us). Hope they’re not going where we are said some. They weren’t, as we saw them trooping into the Westmill Tearooms as we rode by. We got to the Buntingford Tearooms at 11.03, to find them  already well filled with cyclists and locals. But they never panic or fuss there and we were soon sorted. Four decided not to partake of refreshments and hared off back to Ware and places beyond.  Captain Bob led an elite group of 5 back via Hare Street, while John F ‘s group of 4 sought a more challenging and longer route home.
No punctures or mechanicals.