Club run reports - 26th November

Club run reports - 26th November

26 Nov 17

Category 6 ride led by Mike East

Just over a month from now members will be opening the cyclist’s alternative to socks - a gift of inner tubes.  With a bit of luck you end up with the right size! Before that joyous occasion we have a month of build up, starting on Friday with opening the first window of our advent calendars. Expensive adult ones are apparently the latest craze. And I thought the days of advent calendars were numbered.

A group of eleven Wheelers headed off in the cold, with the wind behind us, to Cammas Hall Fruit Farm. It was quite different from recent visits - fresh strawberries were off, the pumpkins all sold and there were no wind-chime-tolerant yummy mummies out with Tarquin and Olivia. In the café it was Cyclist City, as North Road had sent a group there too. Good food and service. Did not see any naff calendars though.

The way back was tougher against the wind. At Hatfield Heath, Leigh punctured – perhaps he will be pleased with those tubes on the 25 th December. 37 miles.

The ride leader is somewhat discombobulated at being addressed by some riders today as "Captain". Which captain are they referring to? Haddock? Mainwaring? Pugwash?