Club run reports - 26th January

Club run reports - 26th January

26 Jan 20

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

Another good turn out of members for today's cat sixer. As we were gathering my phone signalled a text message. It read 'meet you at Green Tye, Daniel'. Only two problems, who was Daniel? And we weren't going via Green Tye. A text back saying "we will meet you at the café" sorted that problem, and off we went. The route included, Roydon, a bit of Harlow, Foster Street and Matching Tye. When we did finally arrive at the café, it was pointed out to me that we'd done a few more than the expected 15 miles - it was nearer 20, but there's no refunds on my rides, so tuff titty. The cafe provided the usual good food and we were off in fairy reasonable time. One of our number had felt press ganged into ordering something to eat, so opted for what he thought would be a light snack. It turned out though that the chocolate brownie he received was the size and weight of a house brick. He decided the best thing to do was take it away with him. I was half expecting to have it thrown at the back of my head if we didn't take a shorter route back. 
There was only one minor mishap on the return journey, that being one member taking a right turn when everyone else went left. Luckily she managed to find her own way home. 
A total mileage of just under 35, no rain to speak of and great company as usual.


Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

Today's ride was an elongated route to Thremhall Park through Much Hadham, Sawbridgeworth, Hatfield Forest, Hatfield Broad Oak and Bush End. A small shower of rain in the Allen's Green area slightly dampened proceedings but not for long. In Hatfield Forest a 4x4 Pickup driver tried to run us off the road by swerving right across in front of us - it appeared that he was not used to keeping left which is a bit worrying. Plenty of room in the cafe as the only other occupants were some members of Takeley running club. Return via the Hallingburys, Spellbrook and Much Hadham without further incident - we were even allowed an easy crossing of the old A11 at Spellbrook by a courteous driver. 45 miles, no punctures, mechanicals or tumbles. We even managed to get home before the forecast rain arrived.


Category 3 ride led by Andrew Buckingham

Maiden venture as category 3 ride leader to Mill End. Six riders took the long way toward Rushden. Beat the rain but the wind had a say on the return leg. Managed not to get lost and much to Graham and Gary's delight most of the roads were filthy, as were the bikes afterwards. Roll on summer.