Club run reports - 26th August

Club run reports - 26th August

26 Aug 18

Category 7 ride led by John Farnham 

Most Bank Holiday weekends usually mean a Monday full of fat rain but on this occasion the rain came on Sunday instead, although fortunately not until most of the way through our outward route via Rickney's Quarry, Sacombe Park, Levens Green, Cherry Green, Aspenden, Buntingford, Green End and Southern Green. Our arrival at Mill End Plants found the place full of various groups of Herts Wheelers and North Roaders and just a few 'civilians'. Fortunately the ladies running the catering were able to cope with us all and we were soon fed and watered. They must wonder why the rain brings large numbers of cyclists to their establishment and very few others! Our return leg was still off road but more direct in view of the increasing heaviness of the rain. At Sacombe Green the group split, with two going back to Hertford and two returning more directly to Ware. 38 miles. No punctures, mechanicals or tumbles. 

Category 3 ride led by Tony Howard

The planning of the route was somewhat unusual in as far as a 100 mile Cat 4 to Maldon was scheduled and I intended to lead a Cat 3 along side the Cat 4 for 60 miles. However due to unforeseen circumstances, the Cat 4 was cancelled and due to poor weather I changed the route and distance to Mill End Plants, Rushden. This would also give us the opportunity to meet up with the Cat 6 riders!

We started at Ware at 08.30 (perhaps we should start at this time in the summer more often!). The nine riders headed out through Wareside, Much and Little Hadham, through the Pelhams, Meesden, Buckland, Sandon onto Mill End Plants at Rushden, where I detected the first spot of wetness from above! Having arrived to an empty cafe I had sausage on the brain, due to a certain person (TDS) who kept banging on about the pace and how he was going to eat “the biggest sausage roll” he could find! Guess what? - I had sausages, he had a cake!!! So back to the cafe where just after we were served, there was an influx of other riders from another club followed by the category sixers. Sorry for your wait gents!

But I got my comeuppance for laughing when I returned to my flat tyre; two inner tubes later we were on our wet way, as quickly as possible back home. Great cafe, great food and great company, 48 miles at an average of 15mph.

Category 6 ride led by Bob Brown

It turned out that three different groups of Wheelers were heading to Mill End Plants! The Cat 6 group ultimately numbered 14 after a couple of riders joined in later. With rain threatened later, a relatively quick ride via Datchworth, Aston and Walkern saw us just manage to stay dry. A surprise in the form of the Cat 3 group was waiting for us. They had originally planned to go to Maldon but ended up at Mill End eating our cakes! Then the off road group arrived a little later. Over 25 Wheelers. Is this a record? Reluctantly setting off in the pouring rain, we headed directly back to Hertford without mishap.