Club run reports - 25th August

Club run reports - 25th August

27 Aug 19

Category 3 ride led by Barry Page

Nine riders met at Ware for a rather hot ride to High Easter. We lost one due to a chain gremlin but the rest carried on through Essex on good roads to our watering hole. We then lost another one who had a better offer of a BBQ in Halstead. The last of us rode back in temperatures equal to those in the Vuelta!
About 65 miles in total.

Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

Our annual Thaxted to Stradishall ride turned out to be a tour of sizzling Suffolk. Eight Wheelers set off for our brisk outward leg through Great Sampford, Ashton, Bartlow, West Wickham and Great Bradley in rising heat which was just about at the upper end of comfortable. The car park at Cafe 33 was full of motorbikers, most of whom seemed to be happy sitting in the blazing sun in their leathers, without the benefit of any parasols. The Wheelers however retreated into the relative comfort inside and were efficiently served with various combinations of breakfast. The shorter return route via Hundon, Sturmer, Steeple Bumpstead and Little Sampford was noticeably slower and turned out to be an ordeal with the combination of unremitting sun and regular hills to climb. Back at Thaxted tea and cake was gratefully consumed under the canopy of Parrishes cafe. 50 miles, no punctures, mechanicals or tumbles.

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

I had the utmost privilege of taking 14, yes 14 Wheelers on the my favourite lead ride, to sunny Shenley. It’s just not my favourite ride, but also one of my favourite cafes. 

Before we rode off, who should turn up, but Mr Paris-Brest-Paris AKA Mr Peter Walton. We rightly so, formed an arch of honour (OK, so we didn’t form an arch, but it sounds good!) as he came into sight after his immense ride of 1,200 kilometres in 88 hours 30 minutes, in ONE GO! I know it’s amazing. Well done Peter for turning up today; I would have been in bed. Also, we have a new rider who turned up at the start, a big warm welcome to Niha. What she didn’t know was she picked one of the hillier category 6 Rides. Oh and Dan, sorry I had forgotten your name, and welcome to the Wheelers as a member. How bad am I! 

Also who else should turn up, you may ask? Yes it was Rhys we ensured all relevant forms had been signed by the wifey. Glad to see little Harry is doing well and lovely to see you, Rhys. 

So off we went on this blazing hot summer's day, not a care in the world, and I was hoping in my heart of hearts, that I wouldn’t leave anyone behind. 

The first half of the ride went well, everyone in good spirits and not a cloud in sight. We did become somewhat spread out, but that was a good thing around the lanes as a few cars were passing. We got to Shenley in good time. The cafe was packed, but in its usual manner the Cafe in the Orchard came up with our food as fast as we had ordered it. Great service and always a smile on the staff's faces. 

The next half of the ride was as uneventful as the first half. No mechanicals, no punctures, just great banter. 

Thanks one and all, I really enjoyed this one, but wait, shock horror, I did not lose a single rider. Whoop whooop! 

Love and Kisses.