Club run reports - 24th April

Club run reports - 24th April

25 Apr 22

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

So this was going to be a tough day. The day before Rebecca decided to have her first crash and smashed into some stinging nettles! Well when I say “smashed”, it was more of a gentle fall over into them. Her pride bruised and only two people saw it. I must admit, it was quite funny. 

Onto the ride. We started at Hertford and when I arrived “Routemaster Kelleway” was already there. Pete the tweak was also there as well! “Mike the map” was there, although his mappiness (I know it’s not a real word) was not needed today.  As I’m waiting more and more turn up and it’s beginning to look like the Rapha shop; OK, not the Rapha shop, but the front window for Wiggle. Even I was in matching gear. WTAF!!! 

There were ten of us about to leave and yes, you guessed it, Davina turns up at 9:29 in the car. Yes, we waited for her, as usual! 

We traversed many a hill today and it was hard going. We went past Spokes, luckily down the hill today. We did Gobions Lane, which always tough, isn’t it. God I’m waffling away. 

Lovely food at Vanstones and as usual, we all forgot why we were there! Yes, it was to ride a bike! 45 minutes later, we were all fuelled up  and ready to go. 

Nothing eventful happened on the way back. Apart from lovely scenery and a fantastic route, planned by Carolyn. Thank you. 

Great company. 

As usual, written from the throne. Over and out. 


Category 4 ride led by Elio Domenicano

Following some challenging rides and distances over the past few weeks Elio dusted off the old ‘Trip to the Snug Café’ route to High Easter for a fast and flatter than usual ride for Sunday’s Cat 4 outing. 8 riders left a sunny Allenbury's, into a strong headwind which would make its presence felt throughout the ride.

Ian announced at the last minute that his modifications to the route had introduced a few lumpy bits on the outward journey, but unphased and undeterred, the 8 riders became 9 at Much Hadham as Dan joined the group.

The team made good progress and light work of any climbs in a somewhat uneventful outward journey until Lisa focused everyone’s minds with a shout of ‘Watch out!’ without any further explanation. The group then watched on as a frightened deer ran across the road in front of them. Rumour has it that Sir David Attenborough has been in touch with Lisa for advice on identifying wildlife!

The Snug Café was teeming with other cyclists upon our arrival, but the group were somewhat disappointed with a lack of options, and delays in receiving anything cooked. Once delivered, Enzo felt his own son could have done better! And to Elio’s disgust, his espresso was delivered in a regular size cup! That’s two stars knocked off the TripAdvisor review by the Italians right there!

The group set off at pace for the return journey. They must have reached 88 mph as they ended up going back in time and being held up by some toffs in a horse-drawn carriage! Elio turned to Alex P for the riding etiquette in this type of situation. The guidance was to be
patient as it would soon turn off the road and so it came to pass.

Upon our return to 2022, everyone made light work of the remaining miles and returned to their respective homes safe and sound! Thanks again to Ian B for the route adjustments, Mark K for the photos and videos, and everyone else for another enjoyable ride.