Club run reports - 21st January

Club run reports - 21st January

21 Jan 18

Category 3 ride led by Alex Powell

Initially I was disappointed to find that Peter W and Gareth W had turned out; so I couldn't just go back up to Stevenage. However, ended up having a good ride - even after Peter realised he might be slightly under dressed (much rainier than morning forecast) and turned for home. Gareth and I continued up through Watton and Cromer to join the A507 towards Baldock. The next 10 minutes were quite painful as I clung onto Gareth's back wheel as he tested his early season form. We climbed out of Baldock and headed across country through Wymondley to the Hitchin - Codicote - Welwyn B road. Luckily, for my legs, Gareth's legs were increasingly freezing (he hadn't opted for my 5 body layers and super thick bib tights approach), so I was able to recover a bit and pretend to be the ride leader again as we turned into the wind and sleet. We said a confused goodbye near Digswell and then I took myself back on increasingly snowy roads through Burnham Green and Knebworth to Stevenage - my heavy wheeled fat tyred bike now seemed a sensible choice. Sitting smugly now having beaten the elements.

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

Cat – 6 “Ride Leader” – Tony Dos Santos. “Second in Command” - Tony Dos Santos. “Minion” – Tony Dos Santos.  Ware to Stapleford Airfield - 21 st  January 2018 Well, unfortunately Danny had “Snowvitis” and saw the weather report, and didn’t want to ride (I don’t blame him really).  Me, Myself and I decided to turn up, and lo and behold I was the ride leader with only three of us (Me, Myself and I). We set off at a brusque pace with Tony (the Me part) cycling up hills like he had a new cassette. No hill was unpassable and all three kept on going onto the airfield for some light refreshment. Now, after a quick sausage sarnie, “we” turned around and started heading back as the snow started to come down in clumps.  “We” got to about twenty five miles and the snow was really bad and started settling on the road and “we” had a quick conference between Me, Myself and I and decided to push on and ensure “we” went “in the car tracks” that had dispersed the snow. Luckily we had pushed on and it was only for two miles and the snow stopped settling.  On the way back there were some scary downhills and corners, apart from that, no punctures and no incidents. Well done to all who turned up. To the rest of you --- CHICKENS! Roflmao