Club run reports - 20th June

Club run reports - 20th June

21 Jun 21

Category 3 ride led by Graham Knight

On Wednesday the forecast was for thunder showers, on Friday it was for constant rain, on Saturday it was for cloud but dry. With this improving trend could we hope for bright sunshine on Sunday? No - but it was dry throughout, so the pessimists who had disinterred their winter bikes and water-proofs were confounded. 

Despite the uncertainties of the weather there was a good turn-out with 11 setting off to be joined by Barry who made his customary, precision-timed arrival just as we left the gates at Allenburys. We headed off through Hertford then north-west via Codicote - where Barry suffered a pinch flat caused by a rock on the sharp descent from Codicote Heights. That was quickly fixed and we continued on a hilly route through Kimpton, Whitwell and Preston. After the recent heavy rain the bottoms of the hills were treacherous with thick coverings of slimy mud and gravel. There were a number of personal dramas but no disasters. 

Tapps at Baldock had gone to town with Covid precautions which meant we were split three to a table - the service and the food were good though. On the return we looped back through Baldock and took the long climb to Wallington. This is a lovely open road with views in all directions. On this occasion the views were complemented by a wonderful display of wild-flowers along the verges; poppies and, err, blue ones and yellow ones. At this point Gary was unable to contain his urge to fly up the hills and left us not to be seen again. The rest followed a familiar route through Rushden and Ardeley and back to Ware.

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

The start was Hertford, even though the night before, by mistake, I put in Slack it was Ware! 
Three regulars turned up and a new rider called David. David was old school, had a shirt and tie on and looked very dapper. 
We rode off, with the joys of summer - yes, rain was forecast at about 12! We got to Brookmans Park and, yes, you guessed it, it started to rain, but being honed athletes we soldiered on, no punctures, no nothing, not even a slipped chain. We got to The Orchard Café, ordered our food and within about five minutes it was on the table. We had decided on a quick turn around. However,  being the cat 6, we chatted for about 20 minutes, until Kate said “I thought we were going to turn around quickly”. Obviously we took her advice and chatted for a further five minutes in true cat 6 style, lol. 
We left Shenley, all raring to go. It was a very uneventful ride back with no mechanicals, no punctures, but we had, as usual, a nice easy ride back. Graham enjoyed the ride down Brickendon Lane. Steve, still has the size 4 shirt that John kindly gave him and had realised it’s too small for him and he’s still trying to give it to me to find a home, but we keep forgetting to swap it, lol. Apart from this, a nice ride and a good laugh. We all got to Hertford in one piece, no one lost,  a very happy and content ride. Thanks all for coming.